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06-2011 2 chaussettes - coolsocks site about the sock, forum, feet links, chat, members area
05-2011 Pretty Feet Box beautiful amateur barefoot girls for you footlovers
05-2011 Tropicsexyfeet pretty feet from bali island, indonesia
06-2005 newsgroup about female socks
05-2005 FrenchTrampling - RastaTrample's shop selling clips about trampling, foot job and foot/shoe worship
05-2005 Foot Fetish Attitude foot&shoe worship, trampling, crushing, female domination; pictures and clips
05-2005 amateur girls sniffing their socks and shoes; pay site with preview, clips
05-2005 female feet, feet in socks, crushing and more; a german site
05-2005 Lyndsay's Panties the pretty Lyndsay with a feet page, and socks and panties to buy
05-2005 RuinedPantyhose wet&messy shoes, pantyhosed feet, dirty socks
05-2005 photos and clips of women's bare feet, focus on soles, candids; pay site, shoes & sox to buy
05-2005 Bellecita's Footpage many pages and many foot sections; soles, dirty feet, video and more
05-2005 a pay site with good samples and many sections; HQs pics, clips
05-2005 trampling, crushing, ballbusting, buffalos, clips; pay site
05-2005 buffalos, crushing, trampling; members area
05-2005 I miei piedini in mostra - Your Feet Show simply feet, in nylon, in shoes, footjobs and more; be careful male feet too
05-2005 buffalos and crushing, boots, pedal pumping; many pages; pay site
05-2005 Seekers' Basement sneaker fetish; sneaker girls just want to have fun, paying site; forum, Chat
05-2005 Sockenmaedchen young ladies in socks and sneakers; CDs and videos
05-2005 Buffalo Fetish Board a message board for buffalo lovers, in german
05-2005 Cute Cyndy humiliations for men, crushing; membership required, german site, chatroom
05-2005 boots, buffalos, crushing & trampling, feet & high heels, PP; paying site, several languages
05-2005 PNC - Fetish Place dirty shoes, feet, socks; shoe play, candid shots; AVS, paying site
05-2005 - Footfetish Movies foot worship, sniffing and more; paying entrance
05-2005 Girls In Wet Dirty Shoes And Socks Group Group: the name says it all
05-2005 Pantyhose and Socks Fetish socks and pantyhose fetish, sockjob; paying site
05-2005 Sock Dreams sock store online
05-2005 World of Feet a German pay site with young amateur girls showing their feet; stories, used shoes&sox
05-2005 platform shoes, buffalos, sox, crushing; members area, videos
05-2005 Flute's Feet many pages with different themes: soles, barefeet, nylons, sox; livecam
04-2005 buffalo shoes, crushing, trampling, used shoes, candid shots; AVS, from Germany
04-2005 Footurology simply feet, in socks
04-2005 Nues en Chaussettes women in socks; french place
04-2005 Candid Girl Socks Group Group: candid girl socks
04-2005 Mysty's Socks - clips and socks to buy; a members area with nice pics in preview
04-2005 Petons Tati original foot pics with feet in sandals, dangling; a French site
04-2005 SockOrama - Sock Girl Laura's feet in socks; selling socks, a members area
03-2005 Foot-Fetish-Girls young girls barefoot, foot games, socks, crushing; paying site
03-2005 Mistress Lee's World of Fetish soles, footworship, sox, trampling pages and more; videos, phone fantasy
03-2005 Opaque Pantyhose, Overknee & Socks opaque pantyhose and socks; photos selection and contributions
03-2005 Remove the Shoes amateur barefoot models, soles and faces with high arches; pay site
03-2005 Eve's Sneakers and Socks Web Page many photos, clips; videos and shoes for sale
02-2005 a world of candid feet and street shots; sneakers, shoe play; paying site
02-2005 Finnish Legs and Feet the nyloned bare feet and legs of finnish ladies and Net pix
02-2005 SocksnSneakers feet in socks or with sneakers; Nets pics
02-2005 Overknee Socks - Histoire de Grandes Chaussettes pages about thigh high socks
02-2005 Bound in Socks Group Group: girls in bondage wearing socks
02-2005 HeideHeels feet in buffalos and high heels, crushing; german pay site
01-2005 Filles en Chaussettes Group Group: girls in socks
11-2004 Princess Natalie's Royal Feet Natalie's feet; bare feet, socks, in sandals
11-2004 bare feet and feet in socks; originals, German site
11-2004 Fetish Heaven Girl female feet, feet in shoes, feet in sox; items for sale
11-2004 Legwarmers and Sexy Knee Socks Group Group: for all those who like legwamers, kneesocks, toe socks, over the knee socks
10-2004 Women with Cast, Socks, Crutches with photos in the streets of Paris; entrance with AlloPass
09-2004 the feet of Magdaleen from Germany; in socks, bare feet, soles
09-2004 White Socks Girls Group Group: the place to be for white socks lovers
08-2004 Girls in White Socks AVS: girls in white socks
05-2004 Socks Haven Kim's and friends toes, soles and socks; used shoes and sox to buy, german site
05-2004 Javier Socks women with casts, socks, crutches; samples, an entrance with AlloPass
03-2004 used shoes, street shots, sneakers; CDs to buy
01-2004 Buffalo Woman a french place for buffalo shoes lovers
07-2003 Sockenfetisch Privat Group Group: female feet in socks; German place
06-2003 High Arches 'R' Us arched feet with celebrities feet, amateur models, soles, covered arches
03-2003 Twinkle's Foot Page Tara's cute bare feet, in socks/stockings, in shoes
03-2003 Marcus White Entertainment with Artworks of platform sneakers in the shoebox
12-2002 Babes in Soxxx AVS: CyberAge - babes in socks
12-2002 Sock Fetish AVS: CyberAge - pretty babes in socks
11-2002 Foot & Leg Worship foot, legs and socks
09-2002 Girlfriend Shoes buffalos, sneakers; German language
08-2002 Ms Iris's Foot Page - Ms Tree's Garden several pages of Ms Iris's feet; sandals, socks
08-2002 Marcus' Platform Sneaker Babes Group Group: women wearing platform sneakers
07-2002 Monica Tyler simply feet, covered feet, in shoes; socks, shoeplay, clips
01-2002 Foot Traffic vendor of socks and hosiery
04-2001 2size11's A Foot Odyssey pages with big feet; soles, socks
04-2001 Ankle Socks and Heels with nice photos
10-2000 Leanne's Fabulous Feet feet and socks galleries
09-2000 Fortweese's Sneaker Trample Site many pages of sneakers, trampling, crushing; videos
05-2000 Naughty Pumpkin's Pretty Feet page with used sox and stories online
02-2000 Sniff Foot's Page pictures and stories about a man sniffing woman's feet and socks
06-1999 Cadre Sock pretty women with socks

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