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06-2005 DominaForum a guide and a forum for german mistresses; german language
06-2005 original foot photos and contributions; a belgian site, fetish parties
06-2005 Mistress Scorpio a pro domina, Eddington, Maine
05-2005 Club Pedestal London femdom fetish club; foot worship parties
05-2005 Domina Irene Boss pro domina, Pittsburgh, PA; fetish BDSM membership site, clips
05-2005 Foot Fantasy Party foot fetish party pictures, reviews, clips, interviews, stories; members area
05-2005 Mistress Alexia pro and lifestyle dominatrix in central London; foot fetish, role plays
05-2005 Alexia's World exclusive domination service in Central London, UK
05-2005 Cathie La Divine's Page canadian mistress, Ottawa-Hull
05-2005 Chloe Creations videos of mistress Chloe, fetishisms, crushing; sessions, a pay site
05-2005 Club Sintab Hannelore's feet, high heels, nylons; videos, stories, infos about foot parties in Germany
05-2005 Dark Ladies Femdom Top50 a ranking site for mistresses and femdom sites
05-2005 Divina Artemisia italian domina, Torino, with many pics about her feet, heels, crushing, trampling, dangling
05-2005 Domina Britt a pro domina site with fetish photos
05-2005 Domina Dea & Mistress Dominique italian mistresses in Milano, fetishism and SM
05-2005 a pay site with good samples and many sections; HQs pics, clips
05-2005 FootNight International a real life foot fetish experience in the west; foot parties
05-2005 Goddess Sativa a lifestyle and pro domina in Hollywood, CA
05-2005 Herrin Dolora a femdom site with free gallery and a members area; Ludwigshafen, Germany
05-2005 Hot N Sexy Feet foot worship photos and clips, members area; foot party info
05-2005 Ladies of Dominance ladies from Sweden and Norway; fetish SM with trampling page
05-2005 Max Fisch Domina Guide SM & mistresses guide
05-2005 Mistress Chantal pro domina in the California Bay area, photos of her feet
05-2005 Mistress Gemini pro domina, Los Angeles, CA; members area
05-2005 Mistress Rage - pro domme who loves foot worship, Central, Louisiana; a members area
05-2005 Mistress Sans Lair pro domina site; Denver, Colorado
05-2005 Phone 4 Domination phone domination service
05-2005 Rock Princess' Homepage selling used items and offering online domination service
05-2005 Sole of Chicago foot parties with pics
05-2005 Lady B's LegsWorld a German pay site with good previews; videos, foot/heels parties
05-2005 Lady Ramirez a German mistress, Köln; foot fetish, BDSM
05-2005 Lady Valeria italian mistresse, Roma; photos of her boots, shoejobs, cock crushing
05-2005 Vinyl Queen Home Page a mistress site, San Francisco CA; members area
05-2005 Dominion (the) BDSM club in Los Angeles
05-2005 foot parties
05-2005 Goddess Lexi Los Angeles dominatrix; foot&nylons photos
05-2005 Goddess Severa a high domina site, NYC; a members area
05-2005 Madame Ingrid's a pro domina and a pay BDSM site; Pittsburg, PA
05-2005 Maîtresse Elsa a french mistress in Paris; members area
05-2005 Mistress Lubyanka a lifestyle dominatrix, London, UK; a foot/shoe gallery
05-2005 Princess Sierra mistress site with a feet page; members section, Colombus, Ohio
04-2005 Maîtresse Alexandra French mistress in Paris; members area, feet pics and trampling
04-2005 Countess Leah lifestyle dominatrix in New York City with foot fetish interest
04-2005 Maîtresse Patricia french mistress in Paris
04-2005 Mistress Domina Zara's BDSM School a Spanish mistress site, Barcelona; members area
04-2005 Mistress Precious a mistress site from Houston, Texas, with a nice foot gallery; a members area
04-2005 Para Mulher Pisar - oSuperman's trampling, foot worship, feet, sandals; Net pix, contribs, foot parties
04-2005 Tino's Dominalist a guide online for pro dominas; foot pictures
04-2005 Zara's Irresistiblebliss wrestling, trampling and fetish galleries; private sessions in Bournemouth, UK
04-2005 Foot-Worship-Party infos for foot worship sessions with mistresses; pictures
04-2005 Mistress Janice a belgian domina, Brussels; membership site
04-2005 Agent-Fetish Group Group: the group of Miss vonLivid of Chicago, pro domme
04-2005 Goddess Club domina site with items for sale, fetish videos, stories
04-2005 Maîtresse Elise a pro domina site, Austin, Texas; a shoebox
04-2005 Mistress Dior a pro domina site, New York City
04-2005 Mistress Foot Goddess' Worship Page mistress site, Los Angeles; photos, videos, clips4sale
04-2005 Mistress Natasha Sweet Los Angeles dominatrix and fetish model; foot photos
04-2005 Sadistique fetish monthly party in Milano, Italy
03-2005 Mistress Cierra Cynn pro domina in Houston, Texas
03-2005 Amanda Cane a pro mistress site, Colombus, Ohio; foot gallery, Chatroom
03-2005 Foot Worship Palace foot sessions with foot models
03-2005 Maîtresse Malvina a French mistress, in Paris, high heels fetish, BDSM; members area
03-2005 Mistress Venus Divine a pro domina site, Everett, MA; a foot page
02-2005 Dungeon Deydia domina Carmen of Seattle; sessions for boot/foot worship
02-2005 Lady Lydia's Dungeon pro domina loving foot worshipper, Denver, Co
02-2005 Maitresse Edel a pro domina, Barcelona, Spain
02-2005 Mistress Kelly's Place a belgian pro mistress; foot worship, trampling
02-2005 Queen Mistress of Michigan pro mistress, Flint, MI; foot pictures
02-2005 Mistress Madeline lifestyle dominatrix, Hollywood California
02-2005 Princess Spider lifestyle domina in London, UK
01-2005 BDSM-Dominatrix Mistress Fire the site of a domina, Vancouver, Canada, including foot/heels worship; paying site
01-2005 Mistress Abby St. Clair a London mistress site with foot fetish photos
01-2005 Mistress Patricia a pro domina site with nice foot pages; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
01-2005 Mistress Poison a pro domina, Ft. Lauderdale FL; a foot page
01-2005 Mistress Katja Minx a pro domme in Los Angeles; nice feet/legs/heels page
01-2005 Bunny Glamazon a real giantess; foot domination, paying site, videos, private sessions
01-2005 Domina Lady Nadia a german domina, in Dortmund
01-2005 Her Royal Highness a mistress site from London; a foot fetish page
01-2005 Lady Arabella - Atlanta Sensual Domme a pro domina site; feet photos
01-2005 Lady Riva a pro domina site, Köln, Germany
01-2005 Lady Roxy's Phantasy-Factory a German mistress, Bonn; feet photos
01-2005 Mistress Lucrezia an Italian pro domina from Milan
01-2005 Mistress Rachel Fine Pro Domina in NYC a mistress site with foot worship page
01-2005 Mistress Simone a pro domme site with a foot page; Chicago, IL
01-2005 Ms. Divine, Calgary a Canadian mistress site with feet pics
01-2005 NewYorkDominas a fetishSM site; sessions
01-2005 NYC Foot Fetish foot fetish parties in a NYC club
01-2005 Padrona Amanda mistress pro, Bari, Italia; foot pics, Italian language
12-2004 Rebecca's Hidden Chamber a New York dungeon that caters to those who love feet (amongst others)
12-2004 Mistress Ellen's Dungeon a pro domina site, Charleston; members area
12-2004 Mz Lisa Pro Domme Virginia Beach, VA. a domina site, Virginia Beach, VA; members area
11-2004 Madame Ingrid a Italian mistress in Brescia; foot pics
10-2004 Mistress Brieana's Dungeon, Atlanta, GA a pro domina site with galleries of feet, foot worship, trampling; Atlanta, GA
10-2004 Mistress Ana de Sade a pro domina from Madrid, Spain; foot photos
10-2004 Mistress Antoinette a pro domina site, Tampa, Florida; a members area
10-2004 Mistress Kulit an asian domina, London UK
10-2004 Mistress M a domina site; NYC
10-2004 Mistress Matisse of Seattle mistress site with boot worship pics
09-2004 All About Feet Homepage listing of phone calls about foot fetish
09-2004 foot parties in London, UK
09-2004 Maîtresse Yasmine a French mistress for foot lovers, Paris; foot worship, trampling, mules, dangling
08-2004 Lady Lotus German pro domina in München; webcam
08-2004 Phone A Dom a live dom telephone service in the UK; paying site
08-2004 Mistress Diana's Home Page Italian mistress with some feet photos
08-2004 Venom Club (the) a SM/BD club that schedules two foot parties a month, Long Island NYC
07-2004 Dungeon of Lady Lilith (the) a pro domina site, San Francisco
07-2004 Mistress Patricia Marsh House of Domination a domina from Toronto; fetish fantasies, BDSM, an entrance CyberAge
06-2004 Mistress Scarlet's BDSM Web mistress site with footslaves stories and bondage; Austin, Texas
04-2004 Lair of Lady Lilly (the) pro domina, Washington DC; shoes pics, trampling
04-2004 Mistress Rose a mistress site with a foot fetish page; Long Island, NY
01-2004 Mistress Britt's Dominion domina site in melbourne, australia
01-2004 Mistress Midori's House of Dominance a domina from Bangkok; feet and heels pages, footjobs, trampling
09-2003 Mistress Jessica Kane mistress site with a foot fetish; Los Angeles
08-2003 Goddess Barbs a lifestyle domina located in the Miami area
07-2003 Mistress Nikita Italian mistress, Roma; foot pics, trampling, foot worship
04-2003 Dominatrices (les) Tino's list for French mistresses
03-2003 Tino's list for German mistresses
10-2002 Mistress Selina Raven a pro domina site, Berkeley, CA
10-2002 San Francisco FemDom mistresses listings of San Francisco with photos
03-2002 Goddess Olga's House of Pain pro domina in ft.lauderdale, fl
03-2002 Lady Carla von Kemnitz a pro domina from Barcelona, Spain
03-2002 Victoria and Emma Fetish City mistresses based in Central London, UK
02-2002 Goddess Zoey a mistress who loves foot worshipper
01-2002 Goddess Christina a domina site with foot videos and galleries in the pay entrance; Toronto, Canada
09-2001 Mistress Sequoia's Domain a mistress site with several pages; foot worship, drawings, stories
06-2001 Mistress Victoria an Australian mistress, Melbourne; trampling pics
06-1998 Mistress Zora's World a pro domina site; some pics of her feet

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