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05-2005 the Italian feet community; foot worshippers and beautiful ladies
05-2005 Feet Under The Table with photos and clips, Tvcaps; amateur photos, from magazines and more; stories
05-2005 Feet Tribune Daily News a portal for Italian foot lovers
05-2005 TMF - The Tickling Media Forum message-boards for ticklers + Chat room; the principal place about tickling
05-2005 Divina Artemisia italian domina, Torino, with many pics about her feet, heels, crushing, trampling, dangling
05-2005 Foot Fetish Dream Land Group Group: foot worship and more
05-2005 women in boots with photos and clips; a free italian site
05-2005 I miei piedini in mostra - Your Feet Show simply feet, in nylon, in shoes, footjobs and more; be careful male feet too
05-2005 Mistress Jade a femdom site with a members area, clips; several languages
05-2005 Mistress Rox the fetish site of an italian femdom; members area, videos
05-2005 Shiva Glamour fetishism and exhibition from India, long toenails; paying site, Italian entrance
05-2005 Celebrity Dream Feet from Italia; international celebrities
05-2005 boots, buffalos, crushing & trampling, feet & high heels, PP; paying site, several languages
05-2005 Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums message board about trampling, facesitting; stories, several language
05-2005 Mouse Pad (the) message-board about celebrities feet; alerts, discussions, pics, stories, several languages
05-2005 - BadCloster's trampling with photos, clips; paying site
05-2005 Corinna Infradito Group Group: thongs fetish, italian language
05-2005 Corinna Video Group Group: foot fetish custom video, italian language
05-2005 Le mie Scarpe Group Group: Corinna's used shoes, italian language
05-2005 Ragazze a piedi nudi several pages with celeb feet, contributions, Net pics
04-2005 Amateur Italian Feet pro and amateur models from Italy; simply original shots; pay site with many categories
04-2005 Sara by Pippo Group Group: with Sara's beautiful feet; il bellissimi piedi di Sara!!!
04-2005 I Piedi Arcuati Group Group: about sexy arched feet
04-2005 Roberto Baldazzini Official Website Baldazzini's drawings and infos about his artworks
04-2005 I piedini di Lea Group Group: the feet of Lea; italian language
04-2005 Italians Footjobs Group Group: footjobs in Italian
04-2005 Sadistique fetish monthly party in Milano, Italy
04-2005 Zoccoli Dr. Scholl's Pescura 2 Group Group: about Dr Scholls sandals
03-2005 Foot Kingdom (the) foot, mules, high heels, dangling, nylons; pay site, english and italian
03-2005 Michelle Legs & Feet good photos of Michelle's feet and legs, often covered and in heels
03-2005 I Feticisti an Italian site with bare feet, soles, covered feet; Chat
03-2005 Piedi da sogno Group Group: feet dreams; in Italian
03-2005 Piedi sudati per te Group Group: an Italian foot fetish place
02-2005 Giu le Scarpe Group Group: in Italian language, for the fans of shoe play and dangling
02-2005 Donne Patrone Group Group: In Italian language, foot worship and domination
02-2005 Schiavo dei Stivali Group Group: for lovers of boots; in Italian
01-2005 Donna del Futuro for the lovers of famous women in boots; in italian
01-2005 Giganta - Goddesses' Land portal for GTS fantasies with drawings, stories and more
01-2005 ZIPP - il Forum Italiano sul De-booting message-board; girls taking off their boots, in Italian language
01-2005 an Italian shoe stores; nice models and samples
01-2005 Mistress Lucrezia an Italian pro domina from Milan
01-2005 Padrona Amanda mistress pro, Bari, Italia; foot pics, Italian language
01-2005 with some Net pics in the section "immagini soft"; italian site
01-2005 Piedidabaciare Group Group: foot fetish and foot worship for only original contributions
01-2005 Solletico Italia Group Group: about tickling
01-2005 Zoccoli col tacco a spillo Group Group: barefeet in sexy mules
01-2005 Zoccoli Dr. Scholl's Pescura Group Group: about Dr Scholls sandals
12-2004 Silky Feet sexy feet in sexy shoes; Italian site
12-2004 StyleTTos Italy original 3D shoe model design and shoe portal with high heels links
12-2004 Tacchi Alti feet in elegant shoes; Italian site
11-2004 Andrea Fetish2000 Group Group: an italian place about female foot fetish
11-2004 Madame Ingrid a Italian mistress in Brescia; foot pics
11-2004 La Luna Nera an Italian fetish shop
10-2004 Allucinazione Group Group: an Italian club about bare feet
10-2004 Amanti dei Piedi Group Group: passion for the female feet in Italian language
10-2004 Piedi Sandali e Zoccoli Group Group: feet, sandals, mules
09-2004 Feet Scenes trampling and foot fetish in medias; italian site
09-2004 Piedi Sporchi Dirty Feet Group Group: an italian group for dirty feet
09-2004 Stefy66 Group Group: Stefy's feet; Italian place
09-2004 Stivali Group Group: boots in italian language
08-2004 High Boots - Stivali Alti about fashion shots featuring high heel boots
08-2004 Piedi Italiani by Angelino simply feet pages and candid pics; italian site
08-2004 Feet under the Table Group Group: feet under the table
08-2004 Mistress Diana's Home Page Italian mistress with some feet photos
06-2004 Captiva Bondage with barefoot bondage drawings
06-2004 La Mia Passione sexy bare feet and feet in sexy shoes; an Italian site
05-2004 Master's Piedi Fetish tons of selectioned pics from the Net
05-2004 Nat Foot Natascha's feet; barefeet or in high heels with many pages
05-2004 a pretty site with interesting photos of Santessa's feet and friends; crushing, dangling
04-2004 Il Toscano Feet Links Italian feetlinks with Lucrezia's feet too
04-2004 an Italian site with many photos about sexy and elegant high heels, stories
04-2004 Smellyfeet - Lady Cri bare feet and covered feet; from Italia
03-2004 Woman with Shoes candid pics, an italian site
03-2004 Giada Heels Group Group: Giada's high heels; Italian
02-2004 Fetish and Fantasies Group Group: feet fetish submission; an italian club
01-2004 Spanked with Bare Soles Group Group: spanking, tickling and soles
10-2003 I Piedi di Beatrice Beatrice's sexy feet, legs and sandals; italian site
09-2003 Italian Ticklers Group Group: solletico in Italia
08-2003 Tacchi Estremi - Extrem Heels extrem high heels and boots; english and italian
07-2003 Mistress Nikita Italian mistress, Roma; foot pics, trampling, foot worship
07-2003 Pippo's Drawings and GTS Collages Group Group: drawings and GTS collages by the great Pippo
07-2003 Nik65 Group Group: Italian place about the love of female feet
05-2003 Papa razzi dei Piedi photos with candid feet, in italian
03-2003 Jessika78 an Italian fetishBDSM site with many pages, texts, photos, artworks; foot section
01-2003 Ragazze scalze 2 Group Group: celebrity feet in italian language
12-2002 Foot-o-Rama - Johnzy's Feetness an Italian site with only original pix
10-2002 Debooting Fantasy Group Group: in italian language
10-2002 Feet 1970 an Italian site with Net pictures
10-2002 I Piedi Dolci contribs and selectioned pics from the Net; Italian site
10-2002 TheFeet Group Group: foot worship, Italian language
06-2002 Divina® Site a gallery with feet photos
03-2002 Trendy Glamour very nice photos of feet in sandals, in mules and in sexy shoes
03-2002 Italian Footlovers several pages of Nets pictures, contributions
02-2002 Ivy's Homepage Ivy's feet with nice photos
01-2002 Mistress Patry a no-pro mistress from Italia
11-2001 Sunny's Feet the feet of Sunny in several pages; Italian site
09-2001 Vanessa&Roberto High Heels high heels from Italia
07-2001 women in pantyhose; italian and english
06-2001 Franco Saudelli's Old Homepage the old place of Saudelli
05-2001 Art Feet - Candido 2000 an Italian page with candids feet and more
05-2001 Togliti le scarpe - Pagodino Site a dipping site in Italian language
02-2001 Shoeplay and Stocking Feet for shoeplay and stocking feet lovers; private pics and from the Web, Italian site
04-2000 Galleria dei Piedi (la) contributions feet pics with pretty models; Italian site
02-2000 Piedi Femminili Cercasi Nets pics and contributions in a Italian site
02-1999 Claudia Feet Home Page Claudia's feet and shoes; Italian site
06-1998 Spike Heels Sandals and Pumps an Italian high heels site

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