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04-2011 young ladies bare feet, members area, photosets, english and german
04-2011 Footlovegirls a german foot fetish site with several models and pretty foot pics
06-2005 DominaForum a guide and a forum for german mistresses; german language
06-2005 Anny's pay site with good samples; a great place
06-2005 DTB - Deutsches Trample Board a message-board in German language about trampling and foot fetish
06-2005 a german community for nyloned legs and feet lovers
05-2005 Conner Photography ladies in pantyhose with cool photos; paying site
05-2005 Fussfee-Tina crushing, trampling, GTS, photos and clips; DVDs, used shoes, in german language
05-2005 female feet, feet in socks, crushing and more; a german site
05-2005 Heely's Wonderland the fetish site of Miss Heely, crushing, trampling, pics, clips and stories; german site
05-2005 fruit crushing, high heel shoes; in german
05-2005 the sexy mules of Lydia; german paying site
05-2005 Nicoles sexy legs and feet with pretty photos; members area, livecam
05-2005 TMF - The Tickling Media Forum message-boards for ticklers + Chat room; the principal place about tickling
05-2005 feet in the streets, foot voyeurism
05-2005 Club Sintab Hannelore's feet, high heels, nylons; videos, stories, infos about foot parties in Germany
05-2005 - Deutsches Fusserotik Forum German site with several pages and many photos; stories, webcam, videos, AVS
05-2005 Exe1's Footdreams stories with pictures in German language; foot worship
05-2005 trampling, crushing, ballbusting, buffalos, clips; pay site
05-2005 Fetish-Film Productions trampling, face-sitting, riding and fetishisms; stories, videos
05-2005 FootCom german foot fetish community and forum
05-2005 buffalos, crushing, trampling; members area
05-2005 german models showing off their feet; english and german, pay site
05-2005 Herrin Dolora a femdom site with free gallery and a members area; Ludwigshafen, Germany
05-2005 High Heels by High Feelings shop online for women shoes
05-2005 High-Heels Fashion pages about high heels; German site
05-2005 buffalos and crushing, boots, pedal pumping; many pages; pay site
05-2005 Lady Celeste Lady Celeste in nylons, in high heels, in latex; members area, several languages
05-2005 models with beautiful legs and feet in nylon; pay site, several languages
05-2005 Ronald Putzker's SMarties fetish photos with artistic photos in a feet section
05-2005 Sockenmaedchen young ladies in socks and sneakers; CDs and videos
05-2005 Stiefel Hauptseite boot fetish; german site
05-2005 a german forum about pantyhose
05-2005 BBCD Boots Page women in boots, used boot, street shoots; many pages
05-2005 Boots and High Heels boots and platform high heels
05-2005 Buffalo Fetish Board a message board for buffalo lovers, in german
05-2005 Cute Cyndy humiliations for men, crushing; membership required, german site, chatroom
05-2005 Fetish-Board Community a german fetish community
05-2005 boots, buffalos, crushing & trampling, feet & high heels, PP; paying site, several languages
05-2005 FootModel cast fetish art and feet; paying site
05-2005 German High Heels Forum high heels, nylons, message-board; german site
05-2005 High Heels Connection german forum for high heel lovers
05-2005 Lady B's LegsWorld a German pay site with good previews; videos, foot/heels parties
05-2005 Lady Ramirez a German mistress, Köln; foot fetish, BDSM
05-2005 Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums message board about trampling, facesitting; stories, several language
05-2005 Mona's Duft Seiten Mona in pantyhose and in shoes; german site
05-2005 Mouse Pad (the) message-board about celebrities feet; alerts, discussions, pics, stories, several languages
05-2005 OldHeel's Privatesite a German site about high heels
05-2005 Schuhdreamers World women's used shoes and shoeplay; paying site, in german
05-2005 World of Feet a German pay site with young amateur girls showing their feet; stories, used shoes&sox
05-2005 BerlinHeels Group Group: in german language
05-2005 Cast Planet Fetish Art artistic photos of women's legs and feet with casts; paying site
05-2005 extrem/ballet heels; german site
05-2005 shoe vendor; English and German entrances
05-2005 Fuss High-Heels high heels online shop
05-2005 - Footfetish Movies foot worship, sniffing and more; paying entrance
05-2005 Fusslady Jasmin a german foot fetish site with exhib
05-2005 PaarRE's High Heels and Nylon nylon, feet, high heels, platforms, mules, sandals, crushing; German site
05-2005 Queen of Heels a world of mules, wedges, slides, platforms, sandals or pumps; paying site
05-2005 Vanessa Insel a german exhib&pantyhose site with Vanessa's covered feet; pay site
05-2005 Vanessa Louri fetishisms, nylons, foot fetish, high heels; a paying german site with nice samples
05-2005 platform shoes, buffalos, sox, crushing; members area, videos
04-2005 buffalo shoes, crushing, trampling, used shoes, candid shots; AVS, from Germany
04-2005 girls bare feet, in flip-flops, in high heels, clips; membership site, german and english
04-2005 Feetfinder contribution pages with german foot models; nyloned feet
04-2005 Francine's used Shoe-Page used shoes from a fem dancer
04-2005 Fusskitzlers Sammelbox a german originals page, soles, tickling, bondaged feet, clips; DVDs, clips4sale
04-2005 Fuss-Sohlen all for soles; German language
04-2005 nice galleries of a lady in high heels; pantyhose, fetish cam
04-2005 Sexy-Feet DE women with sexy feet; celeb feet, originals, feet from the Net
04-2005 ChClog Group Group: clogs fetish in several languages
04-2005 feet in nylons, high heels, boots; exhibition from Germany
04-2005 a forum in German language
04-2005 a German message-board; BDSM, fetishisms
04-2005 Wiener Madl covered feet and heels; exhibition, clips, webcam
04-2005 AVS: girls bound with naked feet
04-2005 Cast Concepts casted legs and feet, videos, CDs; German and English entrances
04-2005 FunFetish German shoe and fetish shop
04-2005 a fetish lady in high heels; photos of her feet; members area
04-2005 dominant ladies and slaves; human ponyplay, trampling, boot worship, pay site
03-2005 Nanalou is wearing boots; exhibition, photos, clips
03-2005 Exotic-Shoes a shoe vendor online speaking german
03-2005 the smell of beautiful female feet; bare feet, nyloned feet, feet in shoes, stories in German
03-2005 German Nylon Dreams pantyhosed feet in everyday life; CDs
03-2005 sexy Minni in high heels, in stockings; foot fetish page, art galleries
03-2005 Nylonstockings by Vintage.Extravagance for stockings lovers; a german site
03-2005 Boulevard Footlick - Lady Arro's feet in heels, foot worship, crushing; a German site
03-2005 Hotlexx muscular legs; German site
03-2005 More Feet a german message board
03-2005 Lady Ann leather and Boots Fetish Page a boot fetish site; members area
02-2005 Fetisch-Shop-24 a German fetish vendor online; several languages
02-2005 FreeNylonFeet covered feet and legs with Nets pics
02-2005 a german foot fetish paying site
02-2005 amateur models in nylons, from Germany; paying site
02-2005 Seidenglatt covered feet and legs, from Germany
02-2005 Art Noir - Tied Heels high heels, boots, and bondaged feet; clips
02-2005 Oli's free german site with female feet photos
02-2005 Sexy Carina feet and legs in nylon and high heels; in German
02-2005 HeideHeels feet in buffalos and high heels, crushing; german pay site
02-2005 Nylons-Strumpfhosen-Shop lingerie shop online
02-2005 World of High Heels a German shoes store
01-2005 FetischDiva feet in high heels pix
01-2005 Herrin Celeste fetishisms, high heels, nylons; webcam, German site
01-2005 MNG Nylons fully fashioned nylons with a lot of galleries; free and from Germany
01-2005 Berkemann Forum a German message-board for wooden clogs and exercise sandals
01-2005 a german message board for all fetishisms
01-2005 Heel-Lady's Homepage high heels and trampling; a German site
01-2005 Meyposters exclusive posters with high heels series to buy; in english and german
01-2005 Shoeplay DE Forum a message-board in German language for shoe play
01-2005 Domina Lady Nadia a german domina, in Dortmund
01-2005 a german foot fetish webcam
01-2005 Herrin Mona her barefeet, covered feet, feet in high heels; dirty soles, used shoes
01-2005 La Piazza High Heels high heels store
01-2005 Lady Roxy's Phantasy-Factory a German mistress, Bonn; feet photos
01-2005 pages with female feet and foot sex; paying site, in german language
12-2004 BB's Fashion High Heels women in high heels and fashion high heels, fetishism
12-2004 fetish and sex; high heels
12-2004 a german shoe vendor
12-2004 shoes vendor
12-2004 high heels shop from Germany
11-2004 High Style Shoes and Boots shoes store; German and English languages
11-2004 Hotleg's Homepage trampling and feet pics of personal videos
11-2004 bare feet and feet in socks; originals, German site
11-2004 Fuss-Z-Art Eve's toes with nice small pics; german site
11-2004 Heike's Super Heels Page good pics of extrem high heels; drawings, videos
11-2004 Lady Cassandra a domina; some feet/heels pics, German site
11-2004 high heels and fetish; platforms, sandals, a German site, members area
11-2004 My-Heels several pages with pretty photos; women in high heels
10-2004 Blicker-Schuhe shoe store; in German and English
10-2004 a german shoe store
10-2004 Mirko's Fetischseite used shoes
09-2004 Heellovers Page feet in high heels with original photos and Nets pics; webcam, an AVS entrance
09-2004 the feet of Magdaleen from Germany; in socks, bare feet, soles
09-2004 Prinzipalin (die) trampling, crushing, high heels, infos and stories; a German site
09-2004 Sandra B. exhibition in high heels; German site
08-2004 Lady Lotus German pro domina in München; webcam
07-2004 High Heels Heaven high heels shop from Germany
07-2004 Ladies in High Heels and Nylons many pages with elegant women, dominant ladies in heels and nylons
07-2004 Suzannes Smooth Soles Site Suzanne's pretty feet in several pages; dirty feet, soles, sandals; contrib
07-2004 German Pedal Pumping pedal pumping, cranking, car crushing with clips and photos
07-2004 feet and legs of young women in nylons or pantyhose
06-2004 Latex Diva - Lady Talina a German site with footdom and trampling photos
06-2004 Nylon Feet nyloned feet, footjobs; private photos, from the Net and contribs; German site
05-2004 Socks Haven Kim's and friends toes, soles and socks; used shoes and sox to buy, german site
05-2004 Art Cast a good place if you like well feet and legs in casts
05-2004 shoe vendor online
05-2004 with Nadine in high heels; a German site, an entrance for members
04-2004 - Yfeet feet and nyloned feet; German site
04-2004 Montenegro Videos' Gigantic Page tall women with GTS, wrestling; videos
04-2004 Pariser-Mode vendor online of high heels and lingeries
04-2004 Slavegirl Productions fetishSM pay site with dirty feet and bondaged feet
03-2004 used shoes, street shots, sneakers; CDs to buy
01-2004 Angels Feet and Nylons Page Angel's feet; bare feet, covered feet, in the bath
01-2004 Barfuss-Zone German site about public barefooting; be careful, not only female feet, male feet too
01-2004 Swiss High Heel Page feet in high heels, bare feet, and nyloned feet galleries
01-2004 Scarpina Elegante shoe vendor; German language
01-2004 Vampirlady - Sabine's Fuß-Page Sabine's bare feet, in high heels, in nylons, crushing
12-2003 shop and gallery for nylon lovers; nice pics, members area
11-2003 Fusserotik Stammtisch a german meeting point about foot fetish
10-2003 Heels Art Fetish Site (the) Artwork with high heels, latex; beautiful
09-2003 Traumfuesse trampling and crushing
07-2003 - Feetconsult German site with videos, CDs; nice photos in samples
07-2003 women in nylons
07-2003 Sockenfetisch Privat Group Group: female feet in socks; German place
07-2003 nyloned feet and legs, paying site from Germany
05-2003 women in pantyhose; German site
04-2003 a German site with candid pics
04-2003 foot and sex; pix, clips, CDs
03-2003 several foot models
03-2003 pictures sets of women's feet and shoes, POV, dangling, fetish; CDs
03-2003 AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - with tortured and tickled feet
03-2003 Tino's list for German mistresses
01-2003 Nase's Homepage pages of trampling, face-sitting, smothering, foot worship
12-2002 Erotik deformierter Frauenfuesse deformed female feet like flatfeet, bunions, hammertoes and corns; in German
11-2002 Madame X foot and domination; photos of Madame X and Net pics
11-2002 Top-Heels high heels and shoe job; boots, clips
09-2002 Strumpfhosen, Nylons, Strapse Nets pics; in German
09-2002 Girlfriend Shoes buffalos, sneakers; German language
09-2002 Zehenwacklerinnen Group Group: toe wiggling in German language
08-2002 Cork and Wooden High Heels shoe vendor, cork and wooden high heels
08-2002 Heikes High Heels & Feet Page Heike's feet in high heels and nylons
08-2002 Suzie's Feet Group Group: women in nylons; german language
07-2002 Toms Fetisch Fantasien Svenja's bare feet and feet in shoes, contributions, stories; from Germany, X-Check entrance
07-2002 Extrem Zapatos Spanish shoes store; English and German entrances
06-2002 messy high heels, crushing
04-2002 Feet And Shoe - Candid Photos photos in the street
04-2002 German shoe store
03-2002 a German high heels pay site
02-2002 foot fetish from Germany; paying site
01-2002 High-Heels-World a German shoes store; extrem high heels
09-2001 Footsy4love with footjobs pics
07-2001 Euro Fetish a fetish paying site; German version
05-2001 Maedchenschuhe feet in shoes, used shoes; german site
01-2001 German Television Screens - GTS vidcaps on German TV
10-2000 Stinkesocken von Frauen Nets pictures with humiliation at feet; German
08-2000 Frauen auf Großen Fuß women with big feet; celebrities and Nets pics
06-2000 shoes store with fantasy shoes
05-2000 Stefka's Feet-Fetish a German site with good pics

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