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05-2011 Varbad - Female Toes scans & nets pics; bandaged toes, toerings, pedicure pages, celebs
06-2005 Moje Stopy from Poland, original photos with small feet and toes; bare feet, in nylons
06-2005 Great Feet Foot Fetish Site daily good pics; feet, footjobs, tickling, foot worship and more; videos
06-2005 Só Pezinhos nice Brazilian site; celebrity feet, amateur feet, stories, Chat
06-2005 Annys-Footpage.com Anny's pay site with good samples; a great place
06-2005 Pies Mania female feet with several amateur pages; in Spanish language
05-2005 Empire of Mistress Patricia (the) a femdom site with foot worship photos, Ms Patricia's feet and shoes
05-2005 Estelle Nice Foot bare foot, feet in mules and in sandals; the nice feet of Estelle, a French woman
05-2005 Fussfee-Tina crushing, trampling, GTS, photos and clips; DVDs, used shoes, in german language
05-2005 Fussphantasie.de female feet, feet in socks, crushing and more; a german site
05-2005 Highheel-Pleasures.de fruit crushing, high heel shoes; in german
05-2005 Lyndsay's Panties the pretty Lyndsay with a feet page, and socks and panties to buy
05-2005 Patricia - Foot Top Model a woman with very pretty feet; clips, Artwork, a members area
05-2005 PNC Used Female Shoes worn shoes, nyloned feet, barefeet, dangling; with original pics
05-2005 Angels Foot Fetish Gateway Angel's feet, in sandals, in thongs
05-2005 Anna's Feet Photos Anna's bare feet and legs; her legs in stockings
05-2005 DFF-online.com - Deutsches Fusserotik Forum German site with several pages and many photos; stories, webcam, videos, AVS
05-2005 Divina Artemisia italian domina, Torino, with many pics about her feet, heels, crushing, trampling, dangling
05-2005 Johnny Nova's Candid Videos candid & covered feet videos with samples; clips, WebCam
05-2005 MyBerryPicker.com a photo contest for the most delectable female toe
05-2005 Pés Fetiche amateur foot photos with originals, from the Net, candid pics; english and portuguese
05-2005 Petons de Lisa (les) foot&shoe fetish, shoeplay, dangling with free photos and pay clips; english and french
05-2005 Prettyfeet's Showcase Group Group: sexy size 5 feet, barefeet, in thongs, heels, sandals, PP
05-2005 Tapered Toes female feet and toes; mixed photos with originals, contribs and some from the Net
05-2005 Barefoot Park photo caps with feet in the street and clips; videos
05-2005 Lady Yevette Sexy Long Toenails a lady with very long toenails; paying site
05-2005 Loucos por Pés pretty bare feet or in sandals; brazilian site
05-2005 Natural Foot a lot of page with toe close-up, soles, natural foot; japanese site
05-2005 Pezinhos da Danny a pretty site with good photos of Danny's feet and in sandals, contributions, brazilian site
05-2005 PNC - Fetish Place dirty shoes, feet, socks; shoe play, candid shots; AVS, paying site
05-2005 Au Rendez-Vous-Nylon Maria in nylon, shoeplay, footsniffing, footjobs; English and French, pay site
05-2005 Ragazze a piedi nudi several pages with celeb feet, contributions, Net pics
05-2005 Toewigglers.com wiggling toes, big feet, long toes, long nails; paying site
05-2005 Rainha Elisabeth a brazilian domme with nice pics of her feet
05-2005 Flute's Feet many pages with different themes: soles, barefeet, nylons, sox; livecam
04-2005 Mindstatz.com Mindstatz' pay place for black women's feet; soles, toes, arches, footjobs and more
04-2005 Wide World Of Sole dedicated to the wide and fat feet of beautiful big black women; pay site
04-2005 Fafffffff.com by Larry Coleman fine art feet fotos for fanatic female foot fanciers
04-2005 Fanny's Toes Fanny's feet and high heels, crushing; a French site, she's another Fanny (not my wife)
04-2005 Joefeet's Female Feet barefoot photos and feet in the streets; originals
04-2005 Para Mulher Pisar - oSuperman's trampling, foot worship, feet, sandals; Net pix, contribs, foot parties
04-2005 Sexy-Feet DE women with sexy feet; celeb feet, originals, feet from the Net
04-2005 Fabulous Female Feet female feet in ballet slippers, DrScholl sandals, clogs
04-2005 Footurology simply feet, in socks
04-2005 Heidi R Group Group: pictures of Heidi and her feet; footjobs
04-2005 I piedini di Lea Group Group: the feet of Lea; italian language
04-2005 Petons Tati original foot pics with feet in sandals, dangling; a French site
03-2005 Lady Lioness the pretty feet of Lady Lioness in several free galleries
03-2005 Foot Kingdom (the) foot, mules, high heels, dangling, nylons; pay site, english and italian
03-2005 Fussduft.de the smell of beautiful female feet; bare feet, nyloned feet, feet in shoes, stories in German
03-2005 MinnisSeite.de sexy Minni in high heels, in stockings; foot fetish page, art galleries
03-2005 Boulevard Footlick - Lady Arro's feet in heels, foot worship, crushing; a German site
03-2005 I Feticisti an Italian site with bare feet, soles, covered feet; Chat
03-2005 Pooky's Toes Group Group: Pooky's toes and feet
03-2005 Pies de Mujer a Spanish site about Marlene's feet and friends; pay site
03-2005 Tanya's Foot Fever Group Group: Tanya's feet, Tanya's art and more
02-2005 Finnish Legs and Feet the nyloned bare feet and legs of finnish ladies and Net pix
02-2005 Fussfetisch-Fotos.de a german foot fetish paying site
02-2005 Jolis Pieds with Sophie's pretty feet; also candid feet and feet in thongs
02-2005 Aos Seus Pés female feet in sandals
02-2005 Ladies-Feet.de some soles photos; under reconstruction?
02-2005 Madinina Pretty Feet dedicated to the beauty of black women's feet; originals, french language
02-2005 Oli's free german site with female feet photos
02-2005 Pepita's Foot Page Pepita's feet, and pics from the Net
01-2005 Maitresse Jessy some photos of Jessy's feet and Net pics
01-2005 Solopies a Spanish site for foot fetish; originals, contribs, from the Net
01-2005 TheFetishGirls.com some photos of Ania's feet and fetish clothes; dutch entrance
01-2005 Herrin Mona her barefeet, covered feet, feet in high heels; dirty soles, used shoes
01-2005 Ms Lynn's Foot Fetish World Ms Lynn' feet in high heels
12-2004 Asinamasandaru a japanese site with original close-ups of bare feet and pages with feet in the streets
12-2004 Silky Feet sexy feet in sexy shoes; Italian site
12-2004 Pieds Voila Audrey's feet; under re-construction
12-2004 Raphaella - Delicatefeet.com Raphaella's barefeet, in sandals, in sox; membership site
11-2004 Princess Natalie's Royal Feet Natalie's feet; bare feet, socks, in sandals
11-2004 Sockengirl.de bare feet and feet in socks; originals, German site
11-2004 Fetish Heaven Girl female feet, feet in shoes, feet in sox; items for sale
11-2004 Fuss-Z-Art Eve's toes with nice small pics; german site
11-2004 Pumps and Sandals bare feet, feet in shoes, dangling; from Japan
11-2004 TJ's Toes barefeet or in shoes in many free pages, stocking pages, foot job
10-2004 Aux Pieds d'Elisa the sexy feet of Elisa, a French woman; entrance AlloPass
10-2004 Pies y Zapatos several pages with female feet and sandals; originals and Nets pics
09-2004 Heellovers Page feet in high heels with original photos and Nets pics; webcam, an AVS entrance
09-2004 Magdaleen.com the feet of Magdaleen from Germany; in socks, bare feet, soles
09-2004 Elegant Fetish Mrs. Darling's feet, stories; membership site
09-2004 Phone Sex Mania phonesex, fetish calls, erotic stories, worn shoes for sale; a feet gallery
09-2004 Sandra B. exhibition in high heels; German site
08-2004 Piedi Italiani by Angelino simply feet pages and candid pics; italian site
07-2004 Pie Bonito originals and good Nets pics in all pages; spanish site
07-2004 Suzannes Smooth Soles Site Suzanne's pretty feet in several pages; dirty feet, soles, sandals; contrib
06-2004 La Mia Passione sexy bare feet and feet in sexy shoes; an Italian site
05-2004 Nat Foot Natascha's feet; barefeet or in high heels with many pages
05-2004 Santessa.org a pretty site with interesting photos of Santessa's feet and friends; crushing, dangling
05-2004 Socks Haven Kim's and friends toes, soles and socks; used shoes and sox to buy, german site
05-2004 Toetal Experience with the feet of ladies from the New Orleans area; sexy toes
04-2004 FeetShow.de - Yfeet feet and nyloned feet; German site
04-2004 Il Toscano Feet Links Italian feetlinks with Lucrezia's feet too
04-2004 I Dream of Feet simply feet, feet in shoes; paying site
04-2004 Smellyfeet - Lady Cri bare feet and covered feet; from Italia
03-2004 Esther's Feet the naked feet of Esther, in shoes
02-2004 Pieds de Louise (les) Louise's barefeet and in shoes, some candid feet pics too, used shoes
02-2004 Nad's Feet working on a new page
01-2004 Angels Feet and Nylons Page Angel's feet; bare feet, covered feet, in the bath
01-2004 Giulliana Foot Fetish Site the toes and soles of Giulliana's petite feet
01-2004 Swiss High Heel Page feet in high heels, bare feet, and nyloned feet galleries
01-2004 Univers des Pieds Féminins (') a french site with Vanessa's feet and some Net pics
01-2004 Vampirlady - Sabine's Fuß-Page Sabine's bare feet, in high heels, in nylons, crushing
12-2003 ReflexoPieds a French site for the health of feet and massages
10-2003 I Piedi di Beatrice Beatrice's sexy feet, legs and sandals; italian site
10-2003 Castelo da Loba Rainha Brazilian mistress; foot photos, stories in portuguese
09-2003 Hometown Hometoes female feet, toes, socks
09-2003 Pezinhos da Fabiana les pieds de Fabiana; her bare feet and her feet in open shoes
08-2003 Tamara's Toes pretty feet and shoes of Tamara; good pics
08-2003 Zara's Foot Palace Zara's bare feet, her covered feet & legs
07-2003 Mistress Crystallynn Cryssi's bare feet, in high heels and sandals
07-2003 Wifey Soles mature feet and soles; shoes for sale
05-2003 Pieds et Talons de Mélanie (les) Mélanie's bare foot, in high heels, covered feet; candid pics too, used shoes
03-2003 FeetAndShoes.de pictures sets of women's feet and shoes, POV, dangling, fetish; CDs
03-2003 Twinkle's Foot Page Tara's cute bare feet, in socks/stockings, in shoes
01-2003 Amateur Voyeur Feet Movies AVS: ProAdult - candid photos and movies
01-2003 SuperFetiche.com - Isabela's a Brazilian site with Isabela's sexy feet and shoes; pay site
12-2002 Erotik deformierter Frauenfuesse deformed female feet like flatfeet, bunions, hammertoes and corns; in German
12-2002 Toeman's Page bare foot, covered feet, feet in shoes
12-2002 Angel's Feet on the Web the pretty toes of Angel in several pages; feet in stockings too
12-2002 Foot Fetish Home Page a site from Brazil with good original photos
11-2002 Mexico's Feet Betty's feet, contribs and candids
10-2002 I Piedi Dolci contribs and selectioned pics from the Net; Italian site
10-2002 MZT's - Best Little Soles in Georgia black soles, toes and arches
09-2002 A Footmodel's Home Page several original pics and a pictorial story
09-2002 Ebony Sole Connection (the) for the lovers of female feet & soles of all colors
09-2002 Naked Female Feet with the feet of four models; a collection of pics on CD
09-2002 Hunter's Pretty Feet Hunter's pretty feet; bare feet and feet in sandals
08-2002 FootPrints Collectors Corner many good pics in many galleries
08-2002 Ms Iris's Foot Page - Ms Tree's Garden several pages of Ms Iris's feet; sandals, socks
08-2002 Heikes High Heels & Feet Page Heike's feet in high heels and nylons
08-2002 Pretty Cute Female Feet & Soles amateur photos of pretty feet; soles
07-2002 Toms Fetisch Fantasien Svenja's bare feet and feet in shoes, contributions, stories; from Germany, X-Check entrance
07-2002 Yuki Fetish Girl young (19yo) Japonese girl's barefoot; soles
07-2002 Feet Mag - Tesão por Pés a brazilian magazine online
07-2002 Monica Tyler simply feet, covered feet, in shoes; socks, shoeplay, clips
07-2002 My Pretty Toerings small toes with toerings
07-2002 Red Rhino Feet polished toenails with closeups
06-2002 Solely Caroline Caroline's pretty feet; soles, sandals
06-2002 Divina® Site a gallery with feet photos
06-2002 Fellow Pedicure a japanese foot site
04-2002 Mykatspaws various poses including a GTS/POV page
03-2002 Toes Bibi's Page Bibi's pretty toes, stockings, legs; footjob
02-2002 Amber's Feet AVS: FreeNetPass - the feet and the shoes of Amber
02-2002 Ivy's Homepage Ivy's feet with nice photos
02-2002 SC's Sexiest Feet on the Net the feet of SC, toes, soles and more
12-2001 Pieds Féminins aux Quotidiens (les) candid female feet; a French place
12-2001 Kristy's Feet with nice arches
11-2001 Sunny's Feet the feet of Sunny in several pages; Italian site
09-2001 Piesmania, Erotismo con Pies Femeninos the first place of the site Piesmania, with contributions; in Spanish
09-2001 Footsy4love with footjobs pics
08-2001 Nikki's Heels pretty feet in mules; red toenails, toe rings
08-2001 Sébastien's Feet Fetish Site feet and some tickling & BD; a French site
07-2001 Mistress SweetestFeet's Foot Page several foot galleries; originals
07-2001 Sandy's Feet pretty Sandy's barefeet, in shoes, dangling; photos and clips, stories in French
06-2001 Mistress K's Mistress K's big feet
06-2001 Ms. Bootay's Lovely Feet ebony feet
05-2001 Art Feet - Candido 2000 an Italian page with candids feet and more
05-2001 Foot Videos with two models
05-2001 Maedchenschuhe feet in shoes, used shoes; german site
04-2001 Best Female Feet by Footographer original photos of sexy female feet in various poses
04-2001 Maria's Feet toes and soles
04-2001 Mateus Foot Fetish Site bare feet and feet in sandals; a Portuguese entrance too
04-2001 Toronto's Foot Goddess' Page a mistress from Canada; with feet pages
03-2001 Mistress Lexi's Lair variety of foot fetish topics; femdom, GTS, sox, worship, dirty feet
01-2001 Zee Tee's Foot Pages good pics in all galleries; bare feet, covered feet, dirty feet
12-2000 Beautiful Women and their Feet women feet and celebrities feet; some worship too
11-2000 Miss Cleo Online with some foot pictures
10-2000 Leanne's Fabulous Feet feet and socks galleries
08-2000 PJ & Lou's Place PJ's feet, nylons, high heels
07-2000 Fem Feet 2000 beautiful feet in this site
05-2000 French Pearl's Site pages about the feet of Pearl from France; contributions
04-2000 Footographer's World starring Brandy the feet and the legs of Brandy
04-2000 Double Digits about big feet
04-2000 Galleria dei Piedi (la) contributions feet pics with pretty models; Italian site
02-2000 Fat Cat's Foot Fetish Lounging Area sexy feet pictures
02-2000 Piedi Femminili Cercasi Nets pics and contributions in a Italian site
01-2000 O Podolatra - the Footslave El Greco, a footslave from Brazil
10-1999 Diamond's Page some pictures of feet and trampling, crushing
09-1999 Christina's Foot Fantasy sale of CDs; Christina's beautiful feet
09-1999 Dawn's Feet Web Page several pages with Dawn's feet; soles
08-1999 Icy's Home Page a pretty page with pretty photos, soles; the old place of Icy
07-1999 Feet@Joe's - Mama Joe's Page bare feet and in sandals; good pics
06-1999 Foot Barn (the) a good site with original pics with several models
03-1999 Bunion Museum (the) bunions and corns feet
03-1999 Foot Mistress good pictures and a pretty site
03-1999 Schooch's Feet House - Ty's Homepage several pages
02-1999 Claudia Feet Home Page Claudia's feet and shoes; Italian site
01-1999 John's Feet Research Ultimate Site several galleries; Nets pictures, celebrities and originals
11-1998 Shelley's Arches & Feetures some pics of Shelley's feet
10-1998 Sadie's Sexy Feet some pics in good galleries
02-1998 Alba Home Page Spanish page with some pics
01-1998 Amazing Six-Toed Foot (the) a girl with 6 toes

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