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05-2011 Footsiebabes
05-2011 Cherry asian Feet many pretty asian models, with hq pics and clips; paying site
05-2011 Pretty Feet Box beautiful amateur barefoot girls for you footlovers
05-2011 Tropicsexyfeet pretty feet from bali island, indonesia
05-2011 Island of Kaki asian beauties and their sexy feet, focus on soles in hq pics; paying site
05-2011 Street Girls feet genuine and sweet amateur models from poland
05-2011 SweetGirlsFeet.com young ladies bare feet, in flip-flops, in sandals; membership site
05-2011 BFT Girls young women (over 18yo) showing off their feet, foot games; paying site
05-2011 Girls and feet young feet and foot domination; originals, pay site
05-2011 ScandinavianFeet.com scandinavian foot models with focus of their soles; membership required
05-2011 I love long toes young girls with sexy feet and long toes
04-2011 BareSandals - Trendywear pretty models in sandals, thongs; dangling, candid photos, clips; paying site, videos
04-2011 AllYouCanFeet.com young ladies bare feet, members area, photosets, english and german
04-2011 Hot Legs and Feet pretty foot models and foot sex with hq pics and clips; paying site
04-2011 Noemi's World a world of lovely feet, legs in pantyhose, stockings; pay site
04-2011 Footlovegirls a german foot fetish site with several models and pretty foot pics
04-2011 Barefoot Confidential quality foot&sex videos with a members area updated every tuesday
04-2011 Toes In Action beautiful bare summer feet and cute toes; membership site
04-2011 LovelySoles.com models from all around the world, foot fetish, foot worship and more; pay site
06-2005 LipsOnFeet.com original foot photos and contributions; a belgian site, fetish parties
06-2005 Dutch Foot Fetish Site barefoot lifestyle; celebrity feet
05-2005 Foot Babes many models with pretty feet and a great f/f footworship section; pay site and videos
05-2005 Foot Divas foot fetish, and foot actions; paying site updated every day
05-2005 FootFetishDreams.com photos of czech girls barefoot, footjobs, foot worship; paying site
05-2005 FootVixens.com feet, shoes and more; good pics in samples, an area for members, videos
05-2005 A Nurse's Feet nice pictures of Emily's pretty feet; samples, pay site
05-2005 Aituoipiedi.com the Italian feet community; foot worshippers and beautiful ladies
05-2005 Barefoot Forever original pictures of barefooting girls in Paris; membership site
05-2005 BritneySweetstink.com the beautiful feet of Britney; worn hose, videos, custom pic/vid
05-2005 Czech Feet foot fetish from the heart of the Europe; dirty feet, foot worship, paying site
05-2005 Débora Lady Feet beautiful galleries of Débora's feet, closeups, sandals, soles; paying site
05-2005 Feetfactory.com pictures of sexy female feet, dirty soles; paying site
05-2005 FeetFair.com - PFP many good pics of pretty feet by a talented photographer; members area
05-2005 Feet-Feet.com pictures and clips, with pretty and young models; paying site
05-2005 FeetNHeels.com chastity's bare feet, high heels, nylons and sexy feet scenarios; paying site
05-2005 Foot Fantasy Party foot fetish party pictures, reviews, clips, interviews, stories; members area
05-2005 Foot Lifestyle the feet of amateur latin girls; soles, toes, sandals, foot games, membership required
05-2005 Foot-Alarm original pictures of female barefeet, in shoes, nylons; face'n feet, soles, candids, CDs
05-2005 Foot-Fetish-Girl foot fetish pics and clips; foot worship, dirty feet; membership site
05-2005 Footman's Dream Raven's pointed toes, flexed arches, stretched soles; paying site
05-2005 Footshots.com foot worship, foot jobs, foot babes; paying site
05-2005 Franco Saudelli the site of Franco Saudelli, the greatest artist for foot/tickling fantasies; with also photos
05-2005 Goldenfeet.com the beautiful feet of Sarah; members area
05-2005 Julia's pointing BF-Collection pointing toes, gymnastic pics, dangling; members area, clips, videos
05-2005 Linda's Foot-Fetish Homepage all foot fetish categories with exhibition, footjobs too; videos, webcam
05-2005 Nicole24-cam.de Nicoles sexy legs and feet with pretty photos; members area, livecam
05-2005 PostModernWomen.com real life barefooting, in the street of Paris; paying site
05-2005 PureFeet.com wrinkled soles, bondaged feet, shoe play, ethnic feet; paying site
05-2005 WowFeet.com photos and clips of women's bare feet, focus on soles, candids; pay site, shoes & sox to buy
05-2005 0101 FootWorld foot girls from around the world, foot games; membership site, videos/dvds
05-2005 Artefeet by Greg foot fetish and legs fetish with previews; pay site
05-2005 ATK Foot Fetish nude babes with foot action, bare feet; paying site
05-2005 Barefoot-Erotica with HQ pics and video clips; paying site
05-2005 Bellecita's Footpage many pages and many foot sections; soles, dirty feet, video and more
05-2005 Bossy Feet pretty Roman's feet, real life foot worship, domination and fighting; paying entrance
05-2005 Brandi Erotic Corner the sexy feet and legs of Brandi in high heels, stockings; members area, videos
05-2005 Club Sintab Hannelore's feet, high heels, nylons; videos, stories, infos about foot parties in Germany
05-2005 Creative-Feet.com female feet and crushing; pay site with free photos
05-2005 Evafeet.com the pretty feet of Eva, her soles, sandals, bondaged feet; members area
05-2005 ExtremeFeet.com a pay site with good samples and many sections; HQs pics, clips
05-2005 ExtremeVideoClips.com foot fetish clips; paying site
05-2005 Feet Dreams for Foot Lovers pay site and videos: many foot fetish categories; with previews and clips
05-2005 Feeteria.com original foot fetish paysite with candid pics, dangling; movie theater
05-2005 Feetishes.com black ladies feet and soles in a pay site with previews; videos
05-2005 FeetMania.net monique's barefeet, footjobs; paying site
05-2005 Femfeet.com the models of FemFeetUK and TickledTV; poses, feet&soles pics, members area
05-2005 Foot Cuties foot fetish videos for download; tickling, bastinado, girl/girl
05-2005 FootJobFantasy.com focus on closeups of pantyhose-covered feet in sandals and high-heels; footjob, pay site
05-2005 FootParadise.com videos with all foot fetish categories; a members area
05-2005 Footprints4U the very sexy feet of Brandy, bare feet, in pantyhose, in high heels
05-2005 FootTime.com girls displaying their pretty feet, bondaged feet, tickling; paying site
05-2005 Fussfreude.de german models showing off their feet; english and german, pay site
05-2005 I miei piedini in mostra - Your Feet Show simply feet, in nylon, in shoes, footjobs and more; be careful male feet too
05-2005 Island Girls Feet foot models from the Philippines Islands, bondaged feet; pay site
05-2005 Janafeet.com Jana's pretty feet; focus on soles, food crush, bondaged feet, sandals; pay site
05-2005 Jane's Stockings and Feet general foot photo galleries, worn items for sale, custom photo and video request
05-2005 Lady Annabelle the bare feet, nyloned feet and feet in high heels of Lady Annabelle
05-2005 LegSex Online the official home of LegSex magazine; footjobs, footsex, videos online
05-2005 Lexis Foot Fetish high arches and soft soles; membership site, clips, videos, shoes to buy
05-2005 Planet Of The Arches women with beautiful high-arched feet, pictures and clips; membership site
05-2005 Planet-Trample trampling, foot worship, foot standing; members area
05-2005 Polish Feet Center young women from Poland showing their feet; membership site
05-2005 Shiva Glamour fetishism and exhibition from India, long toenails; paying site, Italian entrance
05-2005 Soles of Silk foot games and soles; pay site
05-2005 SpyFoot.com a hidden-cam foot fetish and swinger site; membership site
05-2005 SweetSouthernFeet.com - Elfjac's Terri's feet in several pages with soles pics; GTS fantasies, clips
05-2005 Barefoot Sleepy Girls previews of girls sleeping bare feet; a pay site
05-2005 Barefootsies.com sexy scenes of barefoot babes, pictures and clips; paying site
05-2005 Feet of the Month every month focus on a model from FootModeProductions; paying site
05-2005 FeetHeat.com many pics and clips of hot foot babes and foot action; updated bi-weekly, paying entrance
05-2005 FM-Concept Inc. a pay site with all foot fetish categories and many videos
05-2005 FootFactory.com dirty feet and porn star feet in HQ pics, with clips; members area
05-2005 FootFantasyLand.com foot fetish clips and a video store
05-2005 FootModel cast fetish art and feet; paying site
05-2005 HoseToes.com pretty women and foot worship with original pics and clips; paying site
05-2005 Lady B's LegsWorld a German pay site with good previews; videos, foot/heels parties
05-2005 Leggy Pauline Pauline's bare feet, nyloned feet and legs; members area
05-2005 Stocking Room (the) lovely nyloned soles; paying site
05-2005 FeetWeek.com Nicole's feet and legs, wearing stockings and pantyhose; paying site
05-2005 FemFootFetish.com foot fetish with amateurs content; members area
05-2005 Fetiche Total foot and sex; brazilian paying site
05-2005 Fussduft.at - Footfetish Movies foot worship, sniffing and more; paying entrance
05-2005 Girls Cute Feet focuses on soles, especially wrinkly ones, flip-flops; paying site
05-2005 Mikes X Files canadian models, foot and sex; members area
05-2005 Nikki's Arches Nikki's arches, toes and soles; members area
05-2005 SharpHeel.com chinese ladies in high heels, pantyhose or bare feet; paying site
05-2005 Steph's Feet Stephanie's painted toes, flip-flops; paying site
05-2005 World of Feet a German pay site with young amateur girls showing their feet; stories, used shoes&sox
04-2005 Amateur Italian Feet pro and amateur models from Italy; simply original shots; pay site with many categories
04-2005 Frenchy Foot Girls french women with pretty barefeet; a free site
04-2005 Hyperfeet.de girls bare feet, in flip-flops, in high heels, clips; membership site, german and english
04-2005 Fusskitzlers Sammelbox a german originals page, soles, tickling, bondaged feet, clips; DVDs, clips4sale
04-2005 Last Laugh (the) amateur videos about tickling; also foot videos
04-2005 Nikki's Angel Kissed Feet Nikki's sexy feet, footjobs, foot worship; paying site
04-2005 EC Feet Kingdom black women soles and footjobs, dirty soles; paying entrance, videos
04-2005 Feetlings.com girls barefeet or in nylons; membership required
04-2005 Feetsees.com Lindsay and friends; previews pics, clips, videos
04-2005 Foot Pixies bare feet, bare soles, dirty feet, pointed toes and more; paying site
04-2005 Foot-Empire.com girls barefeet or in nylons; membership required
04-2005 Icandii.com female feet originals with feet and face with women of all color; pay site
04-2005 Ikcawon's Page for Female Feet Lovers nyloned feet and legs, bare feet too, with pretty models; paying entrance
04-2005 Micky's Feet Micky's covered feet, bare feet; paying site
04-2005 Stacy's Place pay site, videos; foot fetish and trampling
03-2005 LatinaLegs.com amateur latina legs and feet, toes, soles, arches, shoe play, sandals; pay site
03-2005 Flip Flop Girls only young women in flip flop, shoe play, clips; paying site, videos
03-2005 Foot-Fetish-Girls young girls barefoot, foot games, socks, crushing; paying site
03-2005 Michelle Legs & Feet good photos of Michelle's feet and legs, often covered and in heels
03-2005 Mistress Lee's World of Fetish soles, footworship, sox, trampling pages and more; videos, phone fantasy
03-2005 Remove the Shoes amateur barefoot models, soles and faces with high arches; pay site
02-2005 Crystal Midnight's Foot Fetish Phone Sex foot fetish phone sex with Crystal Midnight
02-2005 Sole Food Cafe black ladies feet at its best; paying site with free pics in guests section, videos
02-2005 Foot-Orgies barefoot girls and foot games; paying entrance
01-2005 Emily's Clips Store clips from emily's pretty feet
07-2004 InternetFeet.com barefoot and pantyhose fetish pay site
07-2004 Summer Heat Enterprises - SHE bare feet from various angles, barefoot close-ups, candid shots; paying site, lot of models
04-2004 Foot-Models.com custom foot fetish photo and video shoots to buy
04-2004 LoJo Video - DF Productions feet, tickling, socks, trampling and more; videos
03-2004 Belgian Feet many original and free pictures for foot lovers; very nice, members area
02-2004 Rock's Page (the) videos: feet, tickling, footworship; good free photos, clips
12-2003 HoseToesAndSoles.com the feet of Colleen and friends; pay site with previews, Chat room
11-2003 CummyFeet.com foot fetish and foot/heel job photos; pay site
10-2003 ToeLicious.com foot fetish erotica; paying site
10-2003 September Sno foot fetish and fantasies, a beautiful woman; paying entrance
09-2003 Spreading Toes good pics in many galleries and contributions; livecam
07-2003 Cyberfeet.de - Feetconsult German site with videos, CDs; nice photos in samples
12-2002 Foot-o-Rama - Johnzy's Feetness an Italian site with only original pix

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