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05-2011 young ladies bare feet, in flip-flops, in sandals; membership site
04-2011 Toes In Action beautiful bare summer feet and cute toes; membership site
04-2011 models from all around the world, foot fetish, foot worship and more; pay site
06-2005 GTS and Feet Message Board (the) for GTS (giant women or shrunken men) and/or (female) feet related
05-2005 Woman Worship dedicated to the worship of woman, free stories; femdom, foot worship, crushing, pay section
05-2005 Antatheka's World of POV POV, giantesses and crushing with pics, CDs, clips
05-2005 the beautiful feet of Britney; worn hose, videos, custom pic/vid
05-2005 clips about trampling, cbt/kicking, foot/shoe worship; paying site
05-2005 chastity's bare feet, high heels, nylons and sexy feet scenarios; paying site
05-2005 Flatten trampling, PoV, humiliations at feet; paying site
05-2005 Foot Fetish Attitude foot&shoe worship, trampling, crushing, female domination; pictures and clips
05-2005 Foot-Alarm original pictures of female barefeet, in shoes, nylons; face'n feet, soles, candids, CDs
05-2005 Fussfee-Tina crushing, trampling, GTS, photos and clips; DVDs, used shoes, in german language
05-2005 female feet, feet in socks, crushing and more; a german site
05-2005 Heely's Wonderland the fetish site of Miss Heely, crushing, trampling, pics, clips and stories; german site
05-2005 fruit crushing, high heel shoes; in german
05-2005 Mistress Aryel's Art of Crush crushing videos with clips samples; a members section
05-2005 Netrunner's Page crushing and GTS site with several pages; photos, stories, members area
05-2005 Polish Trample Site men trampled under feet and shoes, crushing; members area
05-2005 ShoePrints Monika crushes food, things and bugs under her shoes, boots and barefeet; pay site
05-2005 crushing in boots and high heel shoes; clips and pics, members area
05-2005 Under-Shoes trampling and crushing with free pics, clips with AlloPass; videos
05-2005 sexy women abuse their sexy shoes and each other; paying site
05-2005 Black Feet Of Dominance Clip Store dominant and black feet with clips, foot worship, foot fighting, crushing, tickling
05-2005 Chloe Creations videos of mistress Chloe, fetishisms, crushing; sessions, a pay site
05-2005 female feet and crushing; pay site with free photos
05-2005 a crushing pay-per-view site; clips, DVDs, VHS
05-2005 sells original crush-fetish video clips
05-2005 Daemonia Clips Store clips for purchase; trampling, crushing, femdom, foot worship
05-2005 Divina Artemisia italian domina, Torino, with many pics about her feet, heels, crushing, trampling, dangling
05-2005 a pay site with good samples and many sections; HQs pics, clips
05-2005 trampling, crushing, ballbusting, buffalos, clips; pay site
05-2005 buffalos, crushing, trampling; members area
05-2005 buffalos and crushing, boots, pedal pumping; many pages; pay site
05-2005 Jana's pretty feet; focus on soles, food crush, bondaged feet, sandals; pay site
05-2005 Sabrina's High Heel Crushpage a clips4sale store, Sabrina's feet in sexy high heels crushing
05-2005 crushing food and objects in sexy sandals; pay site
05-2005 - Elfjac's Terri's feet in several pages with soles pics; GTS fantasies, clips
05-2005 trampling, crushing, footjob, ballbusting with pictures and clips; videos
05-2005 Women Crushing Toy or Model Cars Group Group: women who crush cars and the men who adore them
05-2005 123 Crush links for crushing and trampling sites; contributions
05-2005 Atticus's GTS and Feet with pretty GTS collages
05-2005 Cute Cyndy humiliations for men, crushing; membership required, german site, chatroom
05-2005 DirtyOne crushing, shots in the street, boots fetish; from Japan
05-2005 Feet Fetish Dream Theater videos from Japan; trampling, crushing, boots fetish, worship, used shoes
05-2005 boots, buffalos, crushing & trampling, feet & high heels, PP; paying site, several languages
05-2005 crushing pics and clips; paying site
05-2005 pay site about crushing
05-2005 PaarRE's High Heels and Nylon nylon, feet, high heels, platforms, mules, sandals, crushing; German site
05-2005 Virtual Giantess GTS fantasies in 3D; paying site
05-2005 platform shoes, buffalos, sox, crushing; members area, videos
05-2005 Flute's Feet many pages with different themes: soles, barefeet, nylons, sox; livecam
04-2005 buffalo shoes, crushing, trampling, used shoes, candid shots; AVS, from Germany
04-2005 Amateur Italian Feet pro and amateur models from Italy; simply original shots; pay site with many categories
04-2005 Fanny's Toes Fanny's feet and high heels, crushing; a French site, she's another Fanny (not my wife)
04-2005 Under Giantess Soles Group Group: for feet and where little men get crushed
04-2005 Giantess Zone Studios & Feet Zone at the feet of giantess with a feet zone section; videos, clips, drawings
04-2005 GTS Feet and Crush crushing food and objects; clips and pics from Japan
04-2005 Queen Adrena's Dominance Domain videos of face-sitting & trampling; a BBW mistress, an Artwork page, stories
04-2005 Toe Fun - My Toes Home Page all about toes
04-2005 Christina's High Heels & Trample World high heels, trampling, crushing, pedal pumping; videos, shoe sale, members area
04-2005 Lindsay and friends; previews pics, clips, videos
04-2005 Giantesses and POV Group Group: for giantesses and POV pictures or movies
04-2005 Giantesses Crushing Model Cars Group Group: giantess crushing model cars
04-2005 Stomping Grapes Group Group: about women that stomps grapes
04-2005 Wicked Heels Group Group: wicked heels in action, crushing
03-2005 Foot-Fetish-Girls young girls barefoot, foot games, socks, crushing; paying site
03-2005 Giantess in Boots Group Group: giant ladies wearing boots
03-2005 Mercedes Smashing Group Group: for women that like to crush things
03-2005 Mistress Lee's World of Fetish soles, footworship, sox, trampling pages and more; videos, phone fantasy
03-2005 Boulevard Footlick - Lady Arro's feet in heels, foot worship, crushing; a German site
03-2005 Free Foot Stories a lot of stories about foot sniffing, trample, crush
03-2005 Carla's Crush Site crushing site with pics and DVDs
03-2005 Crush Time Group Group: women crush toys, food and other objects
02-2005 Old Movies Creative-Feet the old videos section from; crushing
02-2005 Canuck's Bailiwick stories and collages about giantesses
02-2005 Winzling's Shrink Page a GTS page; collages, POV, drawings
02-2005 HeideHeels feet in buffalos and high heels, crushing; german pay site
01-2005 Spiro GPP pedal pumping and car crushing, free pics; clips with AlloPass and clips4sale
01-2005 Giganta - Goddesses' Land portal for GTS fantasies with drawings, stories and more
01-2005 Heel-Lady's Homepage high heels and trampling; a German site
01-2005 Bunny Glamazon a real giantess; foot domination, paying site, videos, private sessions
01-2005 Crush Act Group Group: crushing and trampling
01-2005 Crush and Street Crush a clips4sale site; crush clips from the street
01-2005 GTS videos and clips
12-2004 Pies de pau Group Group: in spanish, a place with female feet crushing toys
11-2004 Giantess Magic - Pete's GTS Page GTS and POV site with feet section, celebrities and more; a membership area, Chat, forum
11-2004 Princess Natalie's Royal Feet Natalie's feet; bare feet, socks, in sandals
11-2004 Queen Angela - Rainha Angela from Brazil and with crushing, trampling, face sitting pics
10-2004 Pies de Pau crushing, in spanish language
10-2004 Maxart1 Group Group: dedicated to the giantess art of Maxart1
09-2004 Prinzipalin (die) trampling, crushing, high heels, infos and stories; a German site
05-2004 a pretty site with interesting photos of Santessa's feet and friends; crushing, dangling
05-2004 dedicated to lovers of leather footwear; with crushing photos and clips
04-2004 Chuckbleep's Drawings fetish drawings, GTS
04-2004 Cig Crushing Shoes Group Group: smoking, high heels and crush
04-2004 Giantess Corner pics and stories of giantess
04-2004 LPD Homepage long toenails art and GTS
04-2004 Montenegro Videos' Gigantic Page tall women with GTS, wrestling; videos
04-2004 Women Crushing Bugmen Group Group: for bugmen to be crushed by female feet
03-2004 Belgian Feet many original and free pictures for foot lovers; very nice, members area
03-2004 Warlord_at's Giantess Realm (the) GTS collages with focus on bare feet; a foot section
01-2004 Vampirlady - Sabine's Fuß-Page Sabine's bare feet, in high heels, in nylons, crushing
12-2003 - paying site about crushing; pix in sample
12-2003 Her Cruel Feet AVS: FreeNetPass - crushing food and objects, trampling
09-2003 Traumfuesse trampling and crushing
07-2003 Pippo's Drawings and GTS Collages Group Group: drawings and GTS collages by the great Pippo
04-2003 Crushed Snake (the) a fantasy site on the theme "Snake won by the woman"; art, texts, comics
04-2003 Only POV 2 Group Group: for posting POV pics
03-2003 Giantess Observer clips of GTS fantasies, pictures
02-2003 Shoes Up Close closeups of used boots, GTS
01-2003 free forums, URL database of giantess sites
12-2002 GTS Group Group: for all giantess, shrinking, POV & GTS-crush lovers
06-2002 messy high heels, crushing
04-2002 Mistress J's Pantyhose and Feet Group Group: pantyhosed feet; crushing
04-2002 Mykatspaws various poses including a GTS/POV page
02-2002 many photos in many categories; a pretty site with Nets pics
12-2001 Golden Heels (the) about the female shoe adorement, crushing pages
12-2001 Iggy's GTS Archive a GTS site with collages
10-2001 GTS Giantess Way a GTS site with collages and PoV pictures
10-2001 Itty-Bitty Teeny-Tiny Cyber-Spot of Ogilthorpe (the) GTS collages with stories
09-2001 El Duque's GTS Home Page AVS: CyberAge - giantess site
05-2001 GTS Mania giant women with tiny men at their feet; under construction
03-2001 Mistress Lexi's Lair variety of foot fetish topics; femdom, GTS, sox, worship, dirty feet
02-2001 3D Giantess a giantess site
09-2000 Fortweese's Sneaker Trample Site many pages of sneakers, trampling, crushing; videos
08-2000 GTS in Nylons about GTS in nylons with little men in various situations
05-2000 Evil French GTS a French GTS site; English speaking
03-2000 Miss Feet Page crushing and used shoes; small pics, under construction
11-1999 Smashit - Cruch Collection good food crushing photos in several pages
10-1999 Diamond's Page some pictures of feet and trampling, crushing
01-1999 Mega M² a GTS site

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