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06-2005 About Shoejobs Group Group: a brazilian group, shoejob and cock crushing
06-2005 Espadrilles 2 Group Group: for all those who are interested in espadrilles
06-2005 Black Models and Celebrities Feet Group Group: black models and black celebrities showing their feet
06-2005 Foot Portugal Group Group: for everyone who enjoys female feet; original photos of Joana
05-2005 xTOEc Group Group: dominant female feet in action, footjobs; also clips and DVDs for sale
05-2005 Beautiful Feet of Women Group Group: attractive and beautiful feet of women
05-2005 Daddo's Trample Place Group Group: trample and femdom
05-2005 Egyptian Foot Fetish 1 Group Group: a place for egyptian foot lovers
05-2005 Feet Worshippers Group Group: for foot slaves and worshippers who love female feet
05-2005 Foot Fetish Dream Land Group Group: foot worship and more
05-2005 Footvirgins UK Group Group: the feet of Goddess Hayley from the UK
05-2005 Prettyfeet's Showcase Group Group: sexy size 5 feet, barefeet, in thongs, heels, sandals, PP
05-2005 Raipaq FTLC Group Group: simply feet, street feet
05-2005 Slipper Dangling Group Group: women who like to dangle their ballet slippers or other shoes
05-2005 Stephs Feet Group Group: Stephanie's pretty feet, items for sale, custom photo and video request
05-2005 Toronto Foot Slaves Group Group: for people who live in the Toronto area and have a fetish for feet
05-2005 Egyptian Foot Fetish Group Group: a place for egyptian foot lovers
05-2005 Prettyfeet's Dr. Scholl's Showcase Group Group: sexy size 5 feet, in Dr. Scholl sandales, PP
05-2005 Prettyfeet's FF Group Group: sexy size 5 feet only in flip flops
05-2005 Ball Busting and Footjobs Group Group: ballbusting and footjobs
05-2005 Barefoot Girls UK 2 Group Group: gorgeous girl barefooting in public places
05-2005 Barefoot UK Girls 3 Group Group: gorgeous girl barefooting in public places
05-2005 BerlinHeels Group Group: in german language
05-2005 Black Amateur wrinkled Soles Group Group: a place to share your thoughts and pics
05-2005 Corinna Infradito Group Group: thongs fetish, italian language
05-2005 Corinna Video Group Group: foot fetish custom video, italian language
05-2005 Exercise Sandal Spanking Group Group: corporal punishment with exercise sandals
05-2005 Female Feet-Forum Group Group: female feet, crushing, trampling
05-2005 Fetish for Heels Group Group: Nikki's feet in high heels
05-2005 Filthy Female Feet Group Group: for people who love licking filthy female feet
05-2005 Foot Worship in Las Vegas Group Group: Juliana's foot worship group
05-2005 Footlick Group Group: foot worship
05-2005 Girls In Wet Dirty Shoes And Socks Group Group: the name says it all
05-2005 Le mie Scarpe Group Group: Corinna's used shoes, italian language
05-2005 My Slut Wifes Feet Group Group: with long toenails
05-2005 Pisotear Group Group: trampling from Argentina
05-2005 QVC HSN Feet Group Group: shoeplay from QVC and HSN hosts
05-2005 Sexy Flip Flops Group Group: about flip flops; in Spanish
05-2005 Slides Mules Group Group: if you like slides & mules
05-2005 Take Off 2 Group Group: women taking off their shoes, boots, socks
05-2005 Take Off Group Group: women taking off their shoes, boots, socks
05-2005 Trampling in England Group Group: trampling in England
05-2005 Ultimate Celeb Feet Group Group: the hottest female celebrities
05-2005 Veiny Feet Group Group: for lovers of veiny feet
05-2005 Havaianas Flip Flops Group Group: ladies feet with flip flops
05-2005 Flipflops R' US Group Group: women's feet in flip-flops
05-2005 Women Crushing Toy or Model Cars Group Group: women who crush cars and the men who adore them
05-2005 Kentucky Footjobs Group Group: to all activities related to sexy female feet
05-2005 Israel Pedal Pumping Group Group: clips/pics of women driving and pedal pumping
05-2005 Beauty in Car Group Group: asian women and pedal pumping
05-2005 Sexo con los Pies Group Group: a Spanish Club for footjobs
04-2005 Sara by Pippo Group Group: with Sara's beautiful feet; il bellissimi piedi di Sara!!!
04-2005 Egyptian Foot Fetish 2 Group Group: a place for egyptian foot lovers
04-2005 Feetboy Group Group: about female foot/shoe worship; French place
04-2005 Feetloco Group Group: for the lovers of female feet
04-2005 Foot Fetish in Las Vegas Group Group: foot smelling; with Dejah loving guys nose between her smelly toes
04-2005 I Piedi Arcuati Group Group: about sexy arched feet
04-2005 Old Used Shoes and Boots Group Group: about old used shoes and boots
04-2005 UK Girls Feet and Tickling Group Group: for girls, by girls
04-2005 Under Giantess Soles Group Group: for feet and where little men get crushed
04-2005 ChClog Group Group: clogs fetish in several languages
04-2005 Heidi R Group Group: pictures of Heidi and her feet; footjobs
04-2005 I piedini di Lea Group Group: the feet of Lea; italian language
04-2005 Spanish Footjobs Group Group: footjobs pics
04-2005 Agent-Fetish Group Group: the group of Miss vonLivid of Chicago, pro domme
04-2005 Asian Black Feet Candids Group Group: asian and black feet in the streets
04-2005 Best Celebrity Feet Group Group: best celebrity feet on the planet
04-2005 California Foot Fetish Group Group: foot fetish material
04-2005 Candid Girl Socks Group Group: candid girl socks
04-2005 Dirty Bare Feet 2 Group Group: female dirty feet
04-2005 Dirty Bare Feet Group Group: female dirty feet
04-2005 Female Feet Group Group: for people that love pictures of pretty female feet
04-2005 Femdom Forever Group Group: free discussion of the D/s lifestyle
04-2005 Fems who love Femfeet Group Group: for lovers of feet footjobs soles and toes
04-2005 Gia Primo Group Group: Gia Primo is a Chicago-based mixed wrestler and trampler
04-2005 Giantesses and POV Group Group: for giantesses and POV pictures or movies
04-2005 Giantesses Crushing Model Cars Group Group: giantess crushing model cars
04-2005 Girls Playing Footsie In Shoes 2 Group Group: playing footsie with other girls in shoes
04-2005 Her Smelly Feet Group Group: substitute for the site "Smell my feet she said"; foot smelling
04-2005 Italians Footjobs Group Group: footjobs in Italian
04-2005 Just Heels Group Group: girls in high heels
04-2005 Long Toenails 2 Group Group: about long toenails
04-2005 MzT's Sophisticated Soles Group Group: the sophisticated soles and MZT's toes
04-2005 Paris Feetlove Group Group: for footlovers living in Paris, France
04-2005 Pes com Dedos Longos Group Group: in Portuguese language, about long toes and 2nd toe longer
04-2005 PrettyBBW Feet Group Group: BBW foot models
04-2005 Slippers in Public Group Group: women wearing slippers in public
04-2005 Slipping Slingbacks 2 Group Group: for everyone who likes to see a woman walking in public in slingback shoes
04-2005 SoleBomb Group Group: original & web pics of female feet, foot jobs
04-2005 Stockings and Foot Fetishm Group Group: for stockings and foot lovers
04-2005 Stomping Grapes Group Group: about women that stomps grapes
04-2005 Wicked Heels Group Group: wicked heels in action, crushing
04-2005 Women with Large Feet Group Group: pictures of women with large feet
04-2005 Wooden Slides and Mules Group Group: a place to collect images of wooden slides
04-2005 Zoccoli Dr. Scholl's Pescura 2 Group Group: about Dr Scholls sandals
03-2005 Chinela Group Group: for slipper, clogs, mules; originals, in Portuguese
03-2005 Giantess in Boots Group Group: giant ladies wearing boots
03-2005 Mercedes Smashing Group Group: for women that like to crush things
03-2005 Philly Foot Girl Group Group: for admirers of BBWs and all female feet
03-2005 Wendy's Dirty Feet Group Group: for worship the dirty feet of Wendy
03-2005 Pooky's Toes Group Group: Pooky's toes and feet
03-2005 Real Bare Soles Group Group: for vidcaps and scans of soles
03-2005 Angel Foot 2 Group Group: Angel's feet
03-2005 Arab Celebrities Feet Group Group: a place to talk about Arab celebrities feet
03-2005 Cruellan Ladies Group Group: femdom
03-2005 Crush Time Group Group: women crush toys, food and other objects
03-2005 Deep Sucking Feet Group Group: deep sucking feet
03-2005 Doormat 2 Group Group: trampling, foot worship
03-2005 Female Dirty Feet Pics Group Group: to post pics of female dirty feet
03-2005 Female Feet Fetish Group Group: you can watch pics, post them, or just talk about female feet
03-2005 Footjobs through Pants Group Group: footjobs being done through pants or underwear
03-2005 Forced Foot Smelling Group Group: about forced foot smelling
03-2005 Ladies Cox Group Group: feet of Courteney Cox, Nikki Cox and other celebrity ladies
03-2005 Lower End Theory Group Group: foot fetishism of all nationalities; original bare feet and nyloned feet
03-2005 Margo Crush Group Group: with pics of feet and shoes
03-2005 Piedi da sogno Group Group: feet dreams; in Italian
03-2005 Piedi sudati per te Group Group: an Italian foot fetish place
03-2005 Sexy Female Feet-Club Group Group: beautiful female feet
03-2005 Tanya's Foot Fever Group Group: Tanya's feet, Tanya's art and more
03-2005 Toon Tootsies Group Group: cartoon female feet with some tickling
03-2005 Wolf's Women with Big Feet (the) Group Group: for men who loves womens with big feet
03-2005 Wrecking High Heels Group Group: used shoes for sale
02-2005 Black Gurls Tickled Group Group: beautiful black women getting tickled
02-2005 Giu le Scarpe Group Group: in Italian language, for the fans of shoe play and dangling
02-2005 Goth Girls Feet Group Group: goth feet and goths barefoot
02-2005 Lezfeet Group Group: to exchange lesbian feet worship clips
02-2005 Pretty Black Feet Group Group: a place to post and see pretty black feet
02-2005 A Nylon Nite to Remember Group Group: to wedding day nylon legs and feet
02-2005 Barefoot Lifestyle Group Group: to talk about going barefoot
02-2005 Bound in Socks Group Group: girls in bondage wearing socks
02-2005 Donne Patrone Group Group: In Italian language, foot worship and domination
02-2005 Fabulous Veiny Feet Group Group: the veins in womens' feet
02-2005 Feet and Shoes Group Group: the group of Feet&Shoes web site
02-2005 Feet Fetish People Group Group: a place to talk about feet, and foot-fetishes
02-2005 Foot Fetish NZ Group Group: a group for anyone, but especially for New Zealanders
02-2005 Footjob Fetish 4 Group Group: footjob
02-2005 Footstool Group Group: male and female slaves worshipping their mistress feet and/or boots
02-2005 Girls Wearing Doc Martens II Group Group: pictures of girls' Doc Martens boots and shoes
02-2005 IndianFeetz Group Group: Indian feet pics from the Net
02-2005 Schiavo dei Stivali Group Group: for lovers of boots; in Italian
02-2005 Tampa Foot Fetish Group Group: foot lovers in Tampa unite
02-2005 Wheelin' Barefoot Divas Group Group: barefoot women in wheelchairs are sexy
01-2005 Fod Fetish DK Group Group: Danish foot fetish group
01-2005 High Heel Collector Group Group: for those loving female feet in high heels
01-2005 Tickle Feet in Hose Group Group: home of erotic nylon foot tickling
01-2005 Tristan Tickle Group Group: dedicated to foot tickling
01-2005 Brazilian Tickling Videos Group Group: a Brazilian tickling place
01-2005 Closed Foot Fetish Sites Group Group: for photos and clips from sites that are no longer available on the web
01-2005 Crush Act Group Group: crushing and trampling
01-2005 Femmes en Sandales Group Group: French club about pretty girls wearing sexy sandals
01-2005 FF Voyeur 2 Group Group: foot fetish streets voyeurism
01-2005 Filles en Chaussettes Group Group: girls in socks
01-2005 Gorgeous Black Feet 2 Group Group: gorgeous black feet
01-2005 Gorgeous Black Feet Group Group: gorgeous black feet
01-2005 Greek Celebs in High Heels Group Group: greek celebs in high heels
01-2005 Homegrown Footjobs 3 Group Group: footjob pics
01-2005 Mandi Feet Group Group: Mandi's size 10 feet
01-2005 Pés Grandes Group Group: women with large feet and long toes
01-2005 Piedidabaciare Group Group: foot fetish and foot worship for only original contributions
01-2005 Shoeplaypasses Group Group: women dangling and playing with shoes
01-2005 Solletico Italia Group Group: about tickling
01-2005 Zoccoli col tacco a spillo Group Group: barefeet in sexy mules
01-2005 Zoccoli Dr. Scholl's Pescura Group Group: about Dr Scholls sandals
12-2004 Pies Femeninos Argentinos Group Group: foot fetish from Argentina
12-2004 Black Women who love Footjobs Group Group: the name says it all
12-2004 Candid Shoeplay Group Group: pics of shoeplay and dangling; in french
12-2004 Cathy's Pretty Feet 2 Group Group: Cathy's pretty feet and soles
12-2004 Feet and Soles Group Group: beautiful girl's feet and soles
12-2004 Foot Fetish Friend Finders Group Group: foot fetish friends meeting each other and contest
12-2004 Indy's House of Feet 2 Group Group: Indy's pretty feet
12-2004 Pedicured Toes Group Group: beautiful pedicured toes
12-2004 Pés de Chocolate Group Group: brazilian feet group of black women
12-2004 Pies de pau Group Group: in spanish, a place with female feet crushing toys
11-2004 Andrea Fetish2000 Group Group: an italian place about female foot fetish
11-2004 Black FootJobz Group Group: about black foot anf foot job
11-2004 Legwarmers and Sexy Knee Socks Group Group: for all those who like legwamers, kneesocks, toe socks, over the knee socks
11-2004 Sexy Girls and Sexy Footwear Group Group: a place to see sexy girls with sexy footwear
11-2004 Sole of Chicago Group Group: ebony soles
11-2004 Toe Wiggling Group Group: wiggling toes
11-2004 Webcam Feet Group Group: girls that show feet on their web cams
10-2004 Foot Sniffing Experience Group Group: for people who enjoy the smell of feet
10-2004 Allucinazione Group Group: an Italian club about bare feet
10-2004 Amanti dei Piedi Group Group: passion for the female feet in Italian language
10-2004 Couples Who Love Pantyhose Toes Group Group: for couples and women into pantyhosed toes
10-2004 Foot Scenes In English Movies Group Group: scenes from english movies and tv programmes
10-2004 Footslaves in India Group Group: place for Indian females to get footslaves
10-2004 Girls Beating People Group Group: ballbusting, fighting, footfetish
10-2004 Julz Black Female Feet Lair Group Group: black female feet lovers
10-2004 Maxart1 Group Group: dedicated to the giantess art of Maxart1
10-2004 Piedi Sandali e Zoccoli Group Group: feet, sandals, mules
10-2004 Stockings 'n' Heels Group Group: Destiny Angel's Official Fan Club
10-2004 Tickleplay Lovers Group Group: about tickling
09-2004 Women deserving Footslaves Group Group: worship of female feet
09-2004 Foot Worship Group Group: a place to talk about foot fetishes
09-2004 Great Feet Group Group: a female feet appreciation place
09-2004 Manoletinas Group Group: about ballerina shoes
09-2004 Piedi Sporchi Dirty Feet Group Group: an italian group for dirty feet
09-2004 Stefy66 Group Group: Stefy's feet; Italian place
09-2004 Stivali Group Group: boots in italian language
09-2004 White Socks Girls Group Group: the place to be for white socks lovers
08-2004 Cosquillas y BDSM para Latinos Group Group: for BD, tickling and women feet; special for latin people but everybody is welcome
08-2004 Cute-Art Group Group: with feet in toons
08-2004 Daring Danglers Group Group: women crossing their legs and dangling their shoes
08-2004 Feet under the Table Group Group: feet under the table
08-2004 Female Celebrities Corns Group Group: for discuss about famous celebrities with feet problems
08-2004 Foot Scenes In Indian Movies Group Group: footworship scenes from indian movies
08-2004 Girls Wearing Doc Martens Group Group: pictures of girls' Doc Martens boots and shoes
08-2004 Hazle Cosquillas a Gaby Group Group: a Spanish Club for Gaby's feet and for tickling
08-2004 High Heels Exotique Group Group: for high heels lovers
08-2004 Pies Todopoderosos de Mujer Group Group: the power of female feet
08-2004 Slam the Gas Pedal down please Group Group: a place to worship female feet on the gas pedal
07-2004 FemDom Portugal Group Group: a Portuguese Club for dominant ladies and men under feet
07-2004 Trample-Pisoteo-Pies Group Group: in Spanish, trampling and feet
06-2004 Jerking in Hose Group Group: stockinged handjob, cock in stockings, hose… heels
05-2004 Fetish Trample Group Group: foot fetish, trampling
05-2004 Talons Aiguilles Group Group: high heels; french language
04-2004 Cig Crushing Shoes Group Group: smoking, high heels and crush
04-2004 EF - Sexy Female Feet Paradise Group Group: EF is a place for anyone with a female foot fetish
04-2004 Lady's Feet of Country Music Group Group: the pretty feet of lady's of country
04-2004 Marc Feetslinks Group Group: a french place about trampling
04-2004 Pies Placeres y Castigos Group Group: in Spanish language
04-2004 Women Crushing Bugmen Group Group: for bugmen to be crushed by female feet
03-2004 Feet-on-cam Group Group: a French place for meeting on the Net
03-2004 Giada Heels Group Group: Giada's high heels; Italian
03-2004 Knee High Street Boots 2 Group women wearing knee high boots on the street
03-2004 Sandalias de Afrodite Group Group: feet in sandals; brazilian group
02-2004 Fetish and Fantasies Group Group: feet fetish submission; an italian club
02-2004 Surra de Chinelo Group Group: spanking with flip flops
01-2004 Spanked with Bare Soles Group Group: spanking, tickling and soles
12-2003 Japanese Girls Feet 2 Group Group: about Japanese bare foot
12-2003 Summer Vision part 2 Group Group: with the photos of the site "SummerVisions"; girls barefoot, dirty feet
11-2003 Echange Dangling Group Group: a French group for dangling fans
11-2003 Street Heels Group Group: pictures of real women wearing slide on heels and pumps on the street
09-2003 Amateurs d'Escarpins Group Group: for lover of beautiful picture of women wearing escarpin (French)
09-2003 Chule Group Group: in Portuguese language about female footworship and dominant ladies
09-2003 Footjob Fetish Group Group: footjob
09-2003 Italian Ticklers Group Group: solletico in Italia
09-2003 Strong Trampling Group Group: all trampling actions
08-2003 Daddo's New Foot Trample Group Group: a Group for trampling fans
08-2003 Kinky Female Feet Group Group: bare feet, feet in nylons or sandalettes
07-2003 Pippo's Drawings and GTS Collages Group Group: drawings and GTS collages by the great Pippo
07-2003 Tinkerhead's Tickling Spot Group Group: collection of tickle pics and art
07-2003 Nik65 Group Group: Italian place about the love of female feet
07-2003 Sockenfetisch Privat Group Group: female feet in socks; German place
06-2003 Angel's Feet Thongs and Sandals Group Group: a showcase of Angel's pretty feet
06-2003 Flipflops Paradise Group Group: women in flip-flops giving footjobs
06-2003 Foot Fetish Domain Group Group: foot fetish
06-2003 Victoria Adams' Feet Group Group: for Victoria Adams' feet
05-2003 Goth and Geek Chic Feet Group Group: goth foot models
05-2003 Japanese Barefoot Girls Group Group: pictures of Japanese barefoot girls
04-2003 Only POV 2 Group Group: for posting POV pics
04-2003 Foot Fetishes Group Group: a place to worship female feet
03-2003 Egyptian Foot Slave Group Group: foot worship
03-2003 FF Voyeur 3 Group Group: foot fetish streets voyeurism
03-2003 FF Voyeur Group Group: foot fetish streets voyeurism
03-2003 Older Females Feet Group Group: older female feet
02-2003 Pantyhose Dilemma 2 Group Group: pantyhosed feet
01-2003 Human Footstool and Carpet Group Group: for women pleasure
01-2003 Metal Taps on Shoes and Boots Group Group: for high heels with metal taps
01-2003 Ragazze scalze 2 Group Group: celebrity feet in italian language
01-2003 Ticklegod Group Group: for all lovers of tickling or female foot fetish
12-2002 GTS Group Group: for all giantess, shrinking, POV & GTS-crush lovers
11-2002 Animal Slipper Group Group: women in slippers
11-2002 Erofeet Group Group: female feet, wrestling, fighting
11-2002 Medical Foot Fetish Group Group: female foot being tortured with knives and needles
11-2002 Supermo99 Group Group: knee high boots, trampling, femdom
11-2002 VIP-Ladies Group Group: about black and latin feet, toes, soles
10-2002 Ticklephehe's Ticklem Group Group: a place to view a collection of tickle clips
10-2002 Debooting Fantasy Group Group: in italian language
10-2002 Knee High Boots Turkey Group Group: a place to talk about ladies in boots
10-2002 Summer Vision Group Group: with the photos of the site "SummerVisions"; girls barefoot, dirty feet
10-2002 TheFeet Group Group: foot worship, Italian language
10-2002 Underwater and Dry Feet Group Group: for people whith a fetich for feet on a underwater view
09-2002 Samick73 Group Group: northern indiana trample and facesitting
09-2002 Zehenwacklerinnen Group Group: toe wiggling in German language
08-2002 Marcus' Platform Sneaker Babes Group Group: women wearing platform sneakers
08-2002 Suzie's Feet Group Group: women in nylons; german language
08-2002 WWF-WCW-ECW Divas's Feet Group Group: for divas's feet lovers
07-2002 Knee High Street Boots Group Group: knee high street boots
07-2002 Sophie Marceau Feet Group Group: to all the fans of Sophie Marceau's feet
06-2002 Amour des Semelles (l') Group Group: a French club for people who love lick soles of shoes
05-2002 Nylon Femme Television Group Group: women wearing stocking in movies or in TV-shows; French language
04-2002 Barefoot Blk Female Celebs Group Group: to love to the barefeet of famous black women
04-2002 Dominant Female Feet Group Group: worshipping dominant ladies feet
04-2002 Female Feet listed with Sizes Group Group: pics of female feet posted with their shoe sizes
04-2002 Mistress J's Pantyhose and Feet Group Group: pantyhosed feet; crushing
04-2002 Supermodels with Long Feet Group Group: supermodels with feet over size 9,5 US
11-2001 Pantyhose and Stocking Palace Group Group: for lovers of pantyhose and stockings
05-2001 Foot Fetish Club Directory Group Group: info exchange about foot fetish clubs

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