Upd Sites Comments
04-2011 Alexis Foot alexis' feet in high heels; german language
06-2005 lady b's feet, nylons and high heels; foot domination, german and english, pay site
06-2005 Buffalo-Girl buffalo, boots, high heels; used shoes, a german site
06-2005 high heels, platform hh, boots in a german site; members area
06-2005 Kelly's Feet kelly's feet and shoes, crushing, trampling, sox and more; candid feet, contribs
06-2005 At your Feet, My Lady - A sus Pies, Señora many great galleries; feet, feet in thongs, footjobs, nylons, sandals
06-2005 Heels Nylon Trampling Shoejob Forum forum: sex legs in heels and nylon with some tampling and shoe job action
06-2005 a free and good website collecting fetish and sm drawings; stories in russian language
06-2005 Polish Used High Heels used shoes from poland; crushing
06-2005 1st Czech and International Celebrity Feet Site celebrity feet, forum, feet poll, clips
06-2005 Toe's Trample Place trampling, feet in shoes, covered feet; clips from tvshows, turkish and english
06-2005 Corsica Fetish articles about french foot sites and about french medias; net pics, celebrity pics
06-2005 - Cerim's Private Seite female feet, celeb feet, flip-flops; chat, net pictures and originals
06-2005 Havaianas Fetiche female feet in flip flops; celeb, scans and more, stories in portuguese
06-2005 a fetish german girl with sox and pantyhose pictures; foot photos
06-2005 FFC Forum a french message-board for foot lovers and about trampling
06-2005 O Forum Dos Podolatras a foot fetish forum in portuguese language
06-2005 Tickle-Devil a french forum about tickling
06-2005 Giantess Planet a community for gts fantasies, forum, stories
06-2005 Slides Forum a message-board for slides and sandals
06-2005 Super Feet Fórum a message-board in portuguese language about celeb feet
06-2005 Pantyhose Mama pantyhose community with forums, stories, articles
06-2005 PantyhoseFactor forum for lovers of ph or nylons
06-2005 Feet ForumActif a french forum
06-2005 Forum de Cathy (le) a french forum about crushing, trampling, gts and fetishes
06-2005 Foot File (the) barefoot celebrities, polls, pics, movies, updated 2x week
06-2005 World-Female-Feet-Ranking a place for vote your favorite celeb foot
06-2005 Barefoot Female Athletes 2 Group group: female athletes in all sports showing their barefeet
06-2005 Barefoot Female Athletes Group group: female athletes in all sports showing their barefeet
06-2005 Soft Slipper Lovers Club group: soft ballet slippers, gym slippers or soft moccasins
06-2005 Armelle Tickling Fantasies foot tickling, bondage; videos
06-2005 Fantasm'Art nice and original drawings with ladies wearing high heels, foot fetish
05-2005 Daemonia's Empire italian fetish community, dark fetish and trampling; chatroom
05-2005 Fabulous World of Feet (the) bare feet, dirty feet, celeb feet and more; net pictures, italian entrance
05-2005 Il Messiah many pages with amateur feet and nets pics; contributions, clips, foot parties
05-2005 Manticore Feet an italian site with candid feet with clips, tvcaps, stories
05-2005 Non Solo Piedi an italian site with original feet photos
05-2005 Ocmb.ORG message board for crushing, gts, pedal pumping, trampling, femdom; several languages
05-2005 fetish irc community for speaking italian
05-2005 Baldina's World a crushing site with a dvd store; in italian
05-2005 IntraDita flip flops shoes, italian and english; all free and originals
05-2005 Lady Discordia an italian domina, firenze
05-2005 Mistress Iris a pro domina site, in torino, italy; a members area, clips
05-2005 Mondo Piedi a portal/community in italian language
05-2005 Piedi femminili - contribution photos of female feet, clips; an italian site
05-2005 Lady Blu a femdom site with a members area allopass, clips; several languages
05-2005 Zia Claudia a pay site with an italian mistress; foot pics
05-2005 SSPF - Sexy Shoes and Pretty Feet feet in shoes; originals, net pics, celebrities
05-2005 Nadia Heels nadia's feet in high heels; a members area
05-2005 Sensual Sara stockings, heels, boots, bondage and more
05-2005 - HHDS high heels, boots fetish, used shoes, stories, clips with crushing; members area
05-2005 Cuissardes 1968 fetish about the sixties thighboots with tvcaps
05-2005 high heels, crushing, boots fetish; members area
05-2005 a pay site for women in boots; some samples
05-2005 Asian Mistress Femdom Fetish ballbusting, kicking and boots fetish; paying site
05-2005 women in boots and in leather clothes; fetish and pay site
05-2005 buffalos shoes, boots, socks in a german site; a members area
05-2005 Karens High Heels Page sandals, high heels, boots; paying site, used shoes
05-2005 Yvonne Fashion high heels fetish, boots fetish, long nails fetish; paying site
05-2005 Fetish Planet a pay site with many sections; foot fetish, wrestling, exhibition, bdsm and more
05-2005 Foot Fetish Culture foot&shoe worship, trampling with photos and clips; members area
05-2005 Hustler Leg World Online larry flynt's premier site for leg lovers; feet fetish, beautiful women in high heels
05-2005 hard trampling, cbt; free clips and pics, members area
05-2005 sexy asian models loving to show off their sexy toes and sweaty soles; clips, pp, pay site
05-2005 BoundWill a girl/girl b&d site with bound feet and foot worship; membership site
05-2005 female ballbusters with a clip store
05-2005 a video store and a pay-per-view theater
05-2005 photos and clips about feet in all kinds of mules; membership required
05-2005 Erin's Leg Scene a pay site with free pics: erin's legs in high heels
05-2005 crushing, face sitting, feet and butts; a members area
05-2005 female feet, tickling feet, foot soles; membership site
05-2005 Foot Fetish USA american sweet feet, focus on soles; members area
05-2005 Latina Foot Models the feet of hot latina girls; paying entrance
05-2005 Lissa's Feet of Dreams many models with excellent pics; pay site, videos, chat
05-2005 Lively Feet girls with sexy legs and feet, photos and clips; paying site
05-2005 Los Pies y Sandalias de Estef - estef's feet and sandals, and guests; membership required
05-2005 MisterFriendly's Samba Crush trashy crush and carcrush movies; clips on clips4sale
05-2005 Perfect Toes seductive girls with perfect toes, footjobs, foot worship; paying site
05-2005 Ray's Homegrown Feet amateur ladies showing their feet; soles, paying site
05-2005 Sara's Closet exhibition and sex in high heels and nylons; members area
05-2005 to all female feet lovers, simply original photos; paying site
05-2005 crushing, feet, pov, worship, foot job; paying site
05-2005 Tickled Television english bondage and tickling clipstore
05-2005 feet tickling and foot tortures, clips; paying site
05-2005 Toe and Arch experience foot fetish photography through a woman's eyes; membership required
05-2005 trampling, victory poses and pretty feet with college girls; members area, cds
05-2005 a real life under female feet by hotleg, candid feet; clips, videos, members area
05-2005 1 Genies Feet the lovely genie; soles, dirty feet, flip-flops, little k's gts collages, members area
05-2005 1 Hot Tex Mex Foot Fetish pretty latina girls and their feet; a pay site
05-2005 femdom, foot worship and smelling, dirty socks, soles; membership site
05-2005 AbsoluteBallBustingAndCockAndBallTorture femdom/cbt site, pics and clips; pay site
05-2005 exhibition and feet; webcam, members area
05-2005 Amanda Nylons high heels, ff nylons, exhibition; paying site, german and english entrances
05-2005 Asian FemDom Club asian girls feet and domination; a pay site with some previews
05-2005 Baldina's Crush Collection clips to buy; crushing
05-2005 Barefoot Bimbo a girl showing off her feet; pay site
05-2005 Barefoot Latina latina girls showing off their feet; paying site
05-2005 cecilia's pretty feet and friends; entrance with allopass
05-2005 Buffalo-Maus mandy's barefeet, in socks, in buffalos; german and english, members area
05-2005 Calpestamento trampling and foot worship clips and pics from foot parties in italy; members area
05-2005 Canadian Female Feet amateur canadian girls showing off their feet in fun themed settings; pay site, items 4 sale
05-2005 Candy Toes showing off their pretty bare feet and toes; paying site
05-2005 Chinese Femdom Club a fetish sm site with foot domination, drawings; paying site
05-2005 College-Trample trampling on colleges campus; a paying site
05-2005 Crazy for Heels elegant women in high heels and nylons; paying site with samples
05-2005 Crush Universe a crushing site with videos and members area
05-2005 Cum On My Shoes shoejobs, shoesex, cumshots on shoes; paying site
05-2005 Euro Foot Babes girls from the europe show their legs, feet and soles; exclusive content, pay site
05-2005 Eva Emma foot goddess, a members area with free feet pics; private sessions in marin county ca
05-2005 Fetish Hotel foot fetish, bondage, domination; paying site
05-2005 Fetish World a crush fetish site with a clips4sale store and a dvds store; pedal pumping
05-2005 fetish videoclips for download, all kinds of feet fetish
05-2005 Foot Fetish by Erotimania foot, sex and fetish; paying site
05-2005 Gates of Eva for foot, legs, stocking and pantyhose lovers; paying site
05-2005 German Feet foot fetish and trampling; a pay site with free pics
05-2005 Heels R Hot high heels, sandals, dangling, shoejobs; members area
05-2005 HighHeel Stiletto Crushpage high heels and crushing; a ppv clips page
05-2005 Jade's Blade fetishisms and feet; paying site
05-2005 Jennifer Sinn pantyhose, stockings, feet, heels; paying site
05-2005 Kandi's Kissable Feet kandi's bare feet and in pantyhose, footjobs, clips; members area
05-2005 Kathy's Fetish a pro domina site, gent, belgium; several languages, a members area
05-2005 Lady Izabella legs, lingerie and nylons; erotic art, chat, member's area
05-2005 Legfan's Page feet, dirty feet, trampling; a pay site with free pictures, videos
05-2005 Lower Extremities feet, shoes, exhibition; paying site with daily updates
05-2005 Maîtresse Linda domina in brussels, belgium; members area
05-2005 Mistress Discordia another place for lady discordia with a members area; clips and pics
05-2005 Mistress Elektra Skye pro domina, vancouver, canada; fetish bdsm site including trampling, membership site
05-2005 debbie's foot pics and clips, footjobs; pay site
05-2005 Office Fantasy a classy site, stockings, pantyhose, high heels; members area
05-2005 beautiful girls in pantyhose, clips; pay site
05-2005 a bdsm pay site with mistresses sessions, foot worship
05-2005 Sativa Video pay-per-view bdsm movies and clips with foot/boot worship
05-2005 buffalo shoes fetish, trampling, crushing; members area
05-2005 She Who Rules domina based in london, uk, offering foot worship, wrestling fantasies
05-2005 Sheer Finesse sexy girls in pantyhose and stockings; a pay site, stories, chat
05-2005 dangling, dipping, shoeplay with pics and clips; members area
05-2005 high heels and sex, shoe fucking; paying site
05-2005 Show Us Your Feet barefoot girls showing off their feet; members area
05-2005 photos sets of beautiful women barefoot to buy
05-2005 Sole Purpose a paying site with photos and stories, foot&shoe fetish, trampling
05-2005 Sonja's Sexy Nails the long toenails of sonja, pedal pumping, crushing; members area, videos
05-2005 Spiked High Heel Ballbusting ball busting, cock crushing; members area
05-2005 young ladies bare feet, flip-flops; paying site
05-2005 Tantalizing Toes she's posing barefoot; pay site
05-2005 Tims Video Store dvds/vhs and clips store
05-2005 Trample Brazil girl/girl trampling; videos and membership site
05-2005 european damsels in distress, bondage, bondaged feet, dangling pics; members area
05-2005 Venom Video fetish videos, bd-sm, d/s; a members area
05-2005 Amateur Model Megan feet in stockings, pantyhose and feet in and out of all types of shoes and sandals
05-2005 BK Dom a ballbusting pay site; pictures, clips
05-2005 hundreds of foot fetish clips for purchase, soles, pov and more
05-2005 black feet on the gas pedal, in sandals and in mules; clips, members area
05-2005 Fetiche Club a fetish brazilian site with net pics; in portuguese language
05-2005 Florida Feet barefoot girls showing off their bare feet; paying site
05-2005 Foot Fetish Zone foot fetish, foot worship; paying site, german and english
05-2005 High-Heel-Heidi - Heidi's Homepages high heels, buffalos, crushing, trampling, videos; a german site, members area
05-2005 Jane's Foxy Feet foot fetish and exhibition; webcam
05-2005 Nia's Place nia's legs and feet; a members area
05-2005 nyloned feet beeing tickled; paying site
05-2005 Other World Kingdom (the) - OWK fetish sm, humiliations at feet; a pay site and videos
05-2005 Pornstar-Feet the sexy feet of pornstars, magazine centerfolds and internet models; pay site
05-2005 Pretty Women with Ballerina Shoes women in ballerina shoes, candid pics; an entrance allopass
05-2005 Rose Leg Collection an asian panty site; legs and feet, members area
05-2005 SexPressburg Fetish Website fetishisms, exhibition, pantyhose; paying site, slovak version
05-2005 Site d'Alexia (le) fetish model and cast fetish, pictures and clips; members area
05-2005 Sock Obsession women wearing socks; paying site
05-2005 foot strangling, pictures and clips; a paying site
05-2005 for people who love tickling; paying site with clips
05-2005 trampling and face-sitting, a pay site
05-2005 Angelina's Heels angelina en nylon and in high heels; from germany, paying site
05-2005 Candid Public Feet female feet photographed and filmed out in public; paying site
05-2005 College Foot (the) a pay site with some samples
05-2005 Diaphanous Obsessions a pay site for panty, stockings and high heels
05-2005 Diva Silke a fetish and fitness german model; members area
05-2005 Empress Dynasty a pay site; chinese domination site with trampling
05-2005 Eric Kroll Photographs LTD - Fetish USA eric kroll's work: fetish clips and books; a members area
05-2005 Feet Brazil original photos with foot&soles, foot worship; pay site
05-2005 Feet of Sweden sweet swedish girls show you their sexy feet; paying site
05-2005 net's feet pictures archive; membership site
05-2005 Fhucked Nikes Home Page wet, muddy and messy sneaker sight; membership requered
05-2005 Filthy Feet a pay site dedicated to dirty female feet
05-2005 Foot Ride women driving their cars fast; pedal pumping, membership site
05-2005 girls together with foot pictures, soles, closeups; videos, pay site
05-2005 Helpless Heroines a bondage pay site with bondaged feet; videos
05-2005 JaesPantyhose erotic fantasies in pantyhose; paying site
05-2005 Janet's Foot Tease janet's pretty feet and more; pay site with good samples
05-2005 Lady Samantha a dominant lady based in the uk; paying site
05-2005 Lil Lares Foot Page - LLFP original photos and vidcaps; paying entrance
05-2005 Nylon Leg World covered feet and legs fantasies; paying site
05-2005 nyloned feet; czech and english, paying site
05-2005 nicole's bare feet, in nylons, in high heels; clips, webcam, pay site
05-2005 Oh My Hose - SexyMichelle's michelle's covered feet and legs; members entrance
05-2005 Pattie's Homepage the show of pattie; paying site
05-2005 foot fetish and pedal pumping with custom videos, guest galleries; pay site
05-2005 a latina young lady; paying site
05-2005 a paying site with young women showing off their feet; videos
05-2005 bare female feet with pretty models; pay site
05-2005 She's Sweet clips with foot jobs to buy
05-2005 Shoejob and Heel Fucking clips4sale store
05-2005 Site de Béatrice (le) trampling and crushing; clips to buy, dvds and shoes for sale
05-2005 the sexy feet of sasha, wearing sexy clothes and shoes; paying site
05-2005 Tall Goddess Domain (the) a pretty woman; a fetish pay site
05-2005 Tiffany Spreads pantyhose pics of tiffany model; paying site
05-2005 female wrestling, trampling; paying site
05-2005 a german foot fetish site, sneakers, a members area, free candid pics
05-2005 Wild Blonde Flower an exhibition and fetish pay site with feet pics; webcam
05-2005 Footjob Series 1 avs: footjobs
05-2005 foot fetish and exhib, many galleries with net pics; entrance allopass
05-2005 Sandra's Feet french site with sandra's feet, and many contributions
05-2005 Footjobpro Forum forum: footjob
05-2005 FJ Movies Fan Club a message-board with links for free footjobs material
05-2005 FootFondler (the) some footjob and cock crushing pics
05-2005 - Doc's Official Page the site of doc's videos; bare feet, pantyhosed feet and more
05-2005 Female Kingdom foot domination, pics from the net; turkish site
05-2005 Skandinavian Trampling Forum skandinavian trampling forum
05-2005 Trample Dream Club NL a message board and a trampling club in dutch language
05-2005 Below the Ankle originals with soles, toes, dirty feet, hose, shoes galleries; all free
05-2005 Bluerose Footcare & Gallery a japonese site with great photos and close-ups in several pages; soles, clips
05-2005 CoolSocks - 2 Pieds - 2 Feet sox fantasies and clips; be careful, male feet inside
05-2005 Fan de Pieds marjorie's barefeet, pages with contributions, net pics and clips; a french site
05-2005 the feet of elsa, a french mistress, foot domination, clips; members area
05-2005 crushing, trampling, buffalos, femdom in a german site; members area, videos
05-2005 original material featuring foot smelling, foot worship, foot models; free pics, clips to buy
05-2005 Flip Flops Fans collection of photos with women wearing flip flop shoes; clips
05-2005 Dark Fashions a very beautiful site about high heels, fetish, bondage
05-2005 Dawn and Mark's More Hose and Toes many pages and good photos; pantyhose, nyloned feet, bare feet, in sandals
05-2005 Amateur de Bas Nylon nylon stockings; rose in stockings and high heels, and rose's friends
05-2005 Arch-Cleavage Group group: arch-cleavage in heeled pumps and flats
05-2005 Cécilia Beauty Feet Forum forum: cecilia's pretty feet, often in high heels
05-2005 High Stiletto Pumps Forum forum: a community for high heels
05-2005 Tacco in pelle 2004 Forum forum: classy high heels; italian language
05-2005 Talons Aiguilles et Dessous Chics Forum forum: french place about high heels
05-2005 Talons Aiguilles Furtifs Forum forum: nice photos of women's feet in high heels, shots from the streets
05-2005 the principal place about long nails, with foot contents; link site
05-2005 Wildcat & Valerie's Cat House Forum forum: a place for femdoms and trampling
05-2005 Dragon Films fetish videos; female fighting, tickling
05-2005 Ladyfeet a fetish site in german language with some scans; celebrities
05-2005 foot domination with illustrated stories
05-2005 Retroxotique a free site with drawings of chris! of england; fetish drawings, stories, retro photos
05-2005 Femdom Absolute 2 Group group: femdom and foot domination
05-2005 A Los Pies De Venus female domination and foot worship in a spanish site; stories, artworks, gts
05-2005 Feet & Legs Fetish Top50 the top-list for feet and legs fetish sites by dark fashion
05-2005 Feet TGP tgp, several pages of female feet and exhibition; pantyhose, stockings
05-2005 Abel Worships Ana - Abel's Homepage illustrated stories, foot fetish test; a spanish version
05-2005 Foot Fetish Excellence nets pics
05-2005 Ten Tasty Toes free galleries from the net; toe sucking
05-2005 Toe of Life (the) - Yulia's Toe the very pretty toes of yulia "ladyc"; sexy sandals, stories, artwork
05-2005 Candy Girl the very sexy toes of candy from japan; pantyhose, long toenails
05-2005 Feet Only bare feet, feet in socks; german and english entrances
05-2005 FussWilli a german site with foot fetish stories; texts in german
05-2005 a german foot fetish site with a forum and free pics; socks, sneakers
05-2005 Fussliebe 2000 simply bare feet, feet in the street, nyloned feet, feet in socks
05-2005 Kingii83 Homepage selling socks, shoes, pantyhose, worn underwear; pictures
05-2005 Pretty Nadine nadine's bare feet, covered feet, in socks and feet in shoes
05-2005 the feet of jessy, soles, socks, nylon, bondaged feet
05-2005 Wild-Teen Footmodel a young lady is showing off her feet; members area
05-2005 Christine 20yo Foot Dom Girl foot domination with christine 20yo from germany; trampling, worship
05-2005 Foot Patrol Vidcaps vidcaps of soles and candid feet
05-2005 uk based fetish website; free photos with girls bare feet; a members area
05-2005 Candi's Room pages of pretty babes bare feet
05-2005 - FemFootFetish female feet, toes and soles, bare and stockinged
05-2005 BDSM Trampling Production a belgian trampling site with photos; clips with allopass, info about trampling parties
05-2005 Beneath My Feet a domina site, baltimore, maryland; bare feet, boots, shoes pages
05-2005 Domina Akasha the site of a pro domina
05-2005 Maîtresse Alexa french mistress, paris
05-2005 NYC Stiletto a pro domina dungeon located in nyc
05-2005 Ballkicker ballbusting scenes in movies; all support of ballbusting fans is welcome
05-2005 celebrity feet
05-2005 Legqueens women's legs in pantyhose with candid pix, celebrities pages, tvcaps
05-2005 Billy's Barefoot Celebrities celebrities feet
05-2005 Giantessphotographer's Mediaworld collages with giantesses, tinymen; foot pics with pov and celeb feet
05-2005 Blog de Pharmacie_S (le) a french place to buy used socks
05-2005 Forum sur les Cho7 (le) french community about socks fetish
05-2005 Pieds Fétiches Forum forum: a french foot fetish place
05-2005 Very Iresistible Petons - VIP female feet in socks; french site
05-2005 Planter Place several pages of foot fetish with original drawings, photos; bondage
05-2005 Pure Sole by Sanzi a japanese site with many soles photos
05-2005 Lovin Socks very good photos about socks fetish and sniffing too
05-2005 Pezinhos Femininos Forum forum: a brazilian place
05-2005 Fãs da Feetgirl Group group: a brazilian group about foot/shoe fetish
05-2005 Boots & Legs Blog women's legs and feet in the street, boots; japanese place
05-2005 Amantes de los Pies Femeninos Forum forum: in spanish language, female feet and sexy sandals
05-2005 Nana Leg Collection a nice japonese site with beautiful photos
05-2005 bondage video, dvd & sex toys
05-2005 Classy Legs pretty legs… and feet too in many pages
05-2005 Los Pies mas hermosos del Mundo Forum forum: for the most beautiful feet in the world
05-2005 Pies Femeninos, el placer de castigarlos Forum forum: specialized for female foot torture lovers; in spanish
05-2005 Pies Femeninos, Todos los Placeres Forum forum: female feet, spanish language
05-2005 FeetnButts Group group: feet and butts
05-2005 Sung's Feet Group group: an asian model
04-2005 Lady Siville italian mistress in turin, photos and clips with allopass; foot domination
04-2005 MFX Video brazilian fetish videos; entrances english, german, italian
04-2005 Pollyfeet italian community about foot fetish
04-2005 FeetishSite Forum forum: an italian place for foot lovers
04-2005 Piedi Matra Group group: matra's feet; long toenails, mules
04-2005 Wet Boots women in wet boots; members area
04-2005 Charm Imagination a boots site with nice photos; japonese site
04-2005 natasha is wearing thigh high boots; pay site
04-2005 foot tickling, bondaged feet, pov, crushing; membership required
04-2005 Luna La-Souminatrice a french fetish site; exhib, sm, a members area
04-2005 Madame Kristy a french domina; foot fetish, crushing, trampling, pics with allopass
04-2005 foot fetish clips, tickling, crushing; paying site
04-2005 Asian Foot Files foot domination, asian beauties; pay site with previews
04-2005 Candid John - A Shoe Fashion Page pictures of female feet, shoes and legs in the street; pay site, no previews
04-2005 Feet Under Glass if you love smother, foot smell, going off underfoot; members area
04-2005 - Hö fetish high heels, photos and clips; german language, members area
04-2005 Lady Cicimay's VIP-Ladies female feet, soles, toes, foot domination, black feet, members area
04-2005 Lady Dagmar's Feet Paradise the feet of lady dagmar, soles and toes, used shoes; a paying german site with samples
04-2005 Lady Xenia lady xenia's feet, bdsm; paying site
04-2005 Larine's Heels young woman wearing hot lingerie and high heels; members area
04-2005 Patricia's Feet a site in spanish language; free previews of patricia's barefeet
04-2005 Pied Amour foot fetish, foot domination, foot worship, sandals; membership site
04-2005 Samantha Heels samantha is wearing lingerie and high heels; pay site
04-2005 Sina's Powerfeet a pedal pumping site; socks, items for sale, webcam, paying site
04-2005 Wives 4 Fun exhibition with feet pages; paying entrance
04-2005 foot, pantyhose, foot/shoe job, exhibition; paying site, german and english
04-2005 - IFON a large choice of videos; all foot fetish categories and pay site too
04-2005 Jacklyn Lick bondage, fetish, exhibition; a pay site, webcam
04-2005 Mistress Spikes Fetish and Fantasy Site legs and high heels of ms. spike; fetishbdsm, paying entrance
04-2005 MTP Cinema - pay-per-view site with clips of tickling
04-2005 10 Unique Toes sherri's feet; membership site
04-2005 Anouk 4 You high heels fetish and high socks fetish, clips; pay site, webcam, dutch language
04-2005 Aussie Ballbusting Page australian women busting balls; members area
04-2005 100% ebony and latina female feet; paying site
04-2005 fetish, high heels, face sitting; a paying site
04-2005 Celebrity Feetures pay site with some samples
04-2005 Cranking Fetish sexy pedal pumping fantasies; paying site
04-2005 Emma's Kingdom trampling and crushing; cds and clips to buy
04-2005 domination and trampling; many videos, members area
04-2005 Foot Worship Brazil girl/girl foot worship; video store and membership area
04-2005 Hot Leggy Video's muscular legs and feet; pay site and videos with samples
04-2005 pantyhose and feet in nylons; paying site
04-2005 Legs & High Heels online a pay site with previews of models in high heels
04-2005 girls in pantyhose; paying site
04-2005 Miss Lexi's Domain wrestling, catfighting, martial arts; videos, members area
04-2005 Pia Petrakov - Playful Pia pretty pia in nylons, stockings, high heels
04-2005 Sweet Petite Feet for those who enjoy small or petite female feet; members area
04-2005 Heaven of High Heels a link site about high heels
04-2005 Noimado-Egyhaz Group group: foot domination; in hungarian language
04-2005 Hulya Avsarin Ayaklari Group group: from turkey, a place for famous feet
04-2005 bare feet, pantyhose, stockings and more
04-2005 - Lady Anouk's lady anouk's heels and nylons; webcam, chat
04-2005 Wakanaga Forum forum: feet in high heels
04-2005 Celebs'n'Heels celebrities in high heels
04-2005 Talons et Jambes Sexy Forum forum: about sexy legs and high heels; french place
04-2005 Irresistible Bliss Forum forum: a femdom place, wrestling
04-2005 European Footerotic Award you can vote here for your favorite european foot site; in english, german and french
04-2005 Jenn's Dirty Feet Home Page jenn's dirty feet and more; originals, nets pics
04-2005 World Wide Female Foot Lovers Fan Club probably the first free foot fetish site on the net
04-2005 Jambes de Rêve legs fetish in a french site, stockings
04-2005 Lust - Luxure women in stockings and garter belts; french site
04-2005 AsianStarz Group group: about asian female celebs and their feet
04-2005 Feetmania Group group: for all foot lovers
04-2005 Amoureux de Femme en Collant Forum forum: a french group about women in pantyhose
04-2005 Au Pays des Pieds Féminins Forum forum: a french group for foot lovers
04-2005 Passion des Mules Forum forum: french place about mules fetish
04-2005 Suce mes Bas Group group: about licking nyloned feet; in french
04-2005 Sub Don Home Page pages with foot worship, tramplings pics from the net
04-2005 Sweets Treats Forum forum: a community dedicated to foot fetish/trample
04-2005 Take It Lying Down Forum forum: dedicated to women's feet and the art of trampling
04-2005 Footsmother Group group: foot smothering and forced foot smelling
04-2005 Jenn's Dirty Feet Group group: jenn's dirty feet
04-2005 Pieds Magiques Forum forum: a french place
04-2005 Worn Shoes and Insoles Forum forum: worn shoes and insoles
04-2005 Malaysian Feet Group group: malaysian girls feet
04-2005 Smelly Socks Video 2 Group group: socks fetish, pics and clips
04-2005 Variedades Fetichismo Pie Femenino Group group: from spain
04-2005 Amateur Spanish Feet - ASF all foot fetish categories, a real-life online very good, in english and in spanish
03-2005 Barefooting and Dirty Feet Girls photos from the net dedicated to barefooting girls and dirty feet; italian and english
03-2005 FFT - Female Feet on TV movies list with vidcaps; clips and pics, trampling, italian and english entrances
03-2005 Mistress Miruna an italian mistress speaking english and french; members area with clips
03-2005 Mara's Heels mara's feet in sexy high heels; sandals, platforms, some barefeet pics, legs in pantyhose
03-2005 Chaussures Platform feet in platform high heels
03-2005 Sexy Silvana Feet and High Heels the feet of silvana in high heels, sandals, mules; used shoes, paying site
03-2005 Amateur Foot Fetish young girls shows their feet; paying site
03-2005 Art of Fantasy nice gts fantasies with trampling, crushing, high heels photos; members area
03-2005 pictures and clips, with pretty and young models; paying site
03-2005 Exotic Feetures amateur black, asian, indian and latino female feet; paying site
03-2005 foot babes, nylons; paying site
03-2005 Laney's Love Lounge a versatile fetish site, femdom, foot fetish; pay site
03-2005 Leg Patrol girls with sandals, flip flop, dirty feet, candid pics, dangling; paying site
03-2005 PedalSmurfing pedal pumping barefoot or with all of kinds of shoes; payant
03-2005 CCDude's Trample Adventures the site of ccdude; paying entrance
03-2005 Baldina's Clips italian crusher woman; a clips4sale store
03-2005 Pornstars in Nylons girls wearing all kinds of vintage nylons; pay site
03-2005 Rubys Red Toes tied toes, tortured feet; paying site
03-2005 Two Shapely Legs feet and legs; a members area
03-2005 Paradis des Pieds Féminins (le) a french place with photos collected from the net; feet, high heels
03-2005 Agata Clinic Group group: foot jobs and shoe jobs; portuguese language
03-2005 Cum on Female Feet Group group: about cumming on female feet
03-2005 a beautiful turkish site with a collection of pics from the net, scans, celeb feet
03-2005 Wysokie Obcasy abused heels, crushing, boot fetish, drawings; polish site
03-2005 Fusserotik-Fussfetisch-Trampling foot fetish, worship, trampling; net pix, from austria
03-2005 Magnifiques Talons Aiguilles women in high heels with originals and nets pics, drawings, celeb in heels; french site
03-2005 Amazing High Heels Galery feet in high heels and platforms; german language
03-2005 Nice Ladies Shoes pics of ladies modelling conservative office shoes
03-2005 FF Bikyaku Gallery a japonese site with galleries of legs and high heels
03-2005 Disciplina Doméstica Group group: brazilian group about foot fetish and spanking; fetish drawings
03-2005 free and nice pics from amateur models; feet and soles, candid pics, german site
03-2005 Walter's Feet Worship Galleries photos from the net with foot worship galleries
03-2005 Feet Collection a brazilian site with nets pics and tales in portuguese
03-2005 Odoria, le Blog du Docteur S a french smelling and socks site; net pics, stories, toons
03-2005 Nothing but Poses 2 Group group: celebrity pose
03-2005 Aux Pieds de la Lettre french tales dedicated to tickling and foot fetish
03-2005 Ballerines et Chaussures Plates Group group: in french, plat shoes
03-2005 Senhoras de chinelo Group group: about slippers and spanking
03-2005 Big Manoletinas Group group: ballet flats and ballerinas
03-2005 Blazin Feet Group group: hot female feet in and out of shoes; flip flop shoes
03-2005 Smelly Socks Video Group group: socks fetish, pics and clips
03-2005 Deadly Feet Forum forum: deadly feet; collages and artworks
03-2005 AsianFeetz Group group: about asian women and their feet
02-2005 Il Calzolaio female feet in high heels
02-2005 StoriesH in italian language, stories of femdom and foot domination, with a free pass
02-2005 Piedi Abruzzo Group group: about foot worship
02-2005 Fanny's Place my wife's site with my photos of course; feet, nylons, shoes, socks and more
02-2005 Cassandra's High Heels feet and high heels, pics and clips; paying site
02-2005 Hot Cars and Heels clips4sale store; pedal pumping and boots fetish
02-2005 Mistress Victoria Payne pro mistress specialising in trample and smother, based in australia; free pix and clips
02-2005 bare feet, feet in sexy heels and covered feet; paying site
02-2005 the feet of helen and her friends, foot worship; paying site
02-2005 Princess Balloons a young lady crushing balloons, clips; membership site
02-2005 SilverCherry Productions tickling and foot fetish dvds and clips for sale
02-2005 trampling and facesitting videos and clips; in german language
02-2005 an online movie theater from the staff of; paying site
02-2005 Pleasure Principle feet, shoes, hose, bondage; membership required, clips and videos stores
02-2005 crush telephones into small pieces; paying site
02-2005 Ann's Outdoor Stocking Page ann flashing in lingerie, nylon stockings and high heel; pay site
02-2005 DominAction a bdsm site with foot pix; paying site
02-2005 latina female feet in a pay site
02-2005 FFNylons - Fully Fashioned Nylons fully fashioned nylon stockings with free pics; a members area
02-2005 Joe's Palace sex, fetish with feet and nylons sections; paying site
02-2005 Meilleurs Footjob du Net (les) footjobs with an allopass entrance
02-2005 Trample & Crush Clips clips4sale; crushing, trampling
02-2005 Brenda Zaro highheels on-line in the netherlands
02-2005 International Footjobs Forum forum: about footjobs, in spanish language
02-2005 Ayaksewer Galerisi trampling; nets pics
02-2005 In My Fetish feet and legs in pantyhose; from japan
02-2005 Trample and Femdom in the Mainstream Forum forum: collection of movie/tvcaps crush/trample clips and pictures
02-2005 Xtreme Fetish a site with net pics; foot worship, sniffing, bondage
02-2005 Women & Power women and power, with photos from magazines and texts
02-2005 Addicted To Feet galleries with a young lady showing off her feet
02-2005 Fussfetisch-Bilder a german foot fetish site
02-2005 Facewalk and the Tramplefest Gang Group group: informations for trampling parties
02-2005 Celebrity Feet - La Crème De La Crème a selection of female celebrity feet with many galleries
02-2005 Arabic Movies Foot Fetish Scenes foot scenes in arab movies; listing and pics
02-2005 Nothing but Poses X Group group: celebrity female feet
02-2005 At Girls Sneakers Group group: about femdom in sneakers
02-2005 Pezudas Group group: women with big feet, focus on bare soles, in portuguese
02-2005 Shoes Online worn shoes, nylons, socks for sale; clips on cds with shoeplay
02-2005 Bonnie Bonkers ticklish tales, black ladies feet
01-2005 Feet-Exhibitions selectioned pics from the net, footjobs, long toenails; in italian
01-2005 Hot Jana - Jana's Homepage the beautiful jana; pumps, buffalos, high heels, nylons and more
01-2005 Lame-Mis-Botas Group group: men under women's boots; from argentina
01-2005 Boots Boots and Boots Group group: boots fetish
01-2005 Caitlyn's Court caitlyn's feet and soles, some foot job pics; members area
01-2005 Jacklyn's Real Life Foot-Goddess all information to worship the feet of jacklyn lick; foot sessions info, pay site
01-2005 Jenny's High Stiletto Heels Page a must for high heels; members area
01-2005 Maîtresse Zora a french domina; pics with foot&shoes worship, texts in french; an entrance allopass
01-2005 Véronique's Tickling Website if you love to see an ultra tickling girl tickled; tickling, dangling, clips, members area
01-2005 Amazons in Thongs - Obediah Website feet in thongs and sandals; street feet, paying site
01-2005 ballkicking, genitorture, pics and clips; paying site
01-2005 Bare Feet In Porn barefoot porn stars, porn foot fetish; paying site
01-2005 Barefoot Cheerleader a young lady showing off their feet; pay place
01-2005 california amateur girls' feet; paying site
01-2005 Chicago Trample and Crush trample and crush clips
01-2005 Crushing Valentine chloe valentine likes to crush things; members area
01-2005 foot sex and foot fetish; paying site
01-2005 Feet-Dreamer foot fetish paying site
01-2005 Femdom Ladies femdom site with foot domination content; paying site
01-2005 Foot Broadcast Network (the) female feet, very high arches, dancers feet, video files; pay site
01-2005 House Of Abductor bondage and domination society; membership required, free forum and chat
01-2005 a pro domina site, colombus ohio; pay site
01-2005 Lady M's Fantasy in Heels & Nylons a german nylons pay site with some samples
01-2005 Le Sure pantyhose, exhibition with feet pix, clips; japonese pay site
01-2005 Leg Show Girls legs, stockings and nylons; a pay site
01-2005 Mistress Desiree's Dungeon a mistress site with a members area; bangor, maine
01-2005 Nyloneer's Pantyhose Web pay site about nylons; videos
01-2005 Pantyhose Island a pantyhose paying site
01-2005 Queen of Hearts NY videos about trampling, humiliations with previews
01-2005 SoleBomb Team ebony female feet with focus on soles; members area
01-2005 Realayakseven good pages: celebrities, feet, footjobs and more
01-2005 Crush Act polish site about crushing, trampling; clips
01-2005 BuffaloFetischChat a german chatroom for buffalo's lovers
01-2005 foot fetish video store, with a free gallery and a free chat
01-2005 Sadic Queen, Devoradora a brazilian mistress site with feet pages; stories in portuguese
01-2005 Slave Labor Productions bondage videos, dvds
01-2005 All Feet Pics of Real Amateurs - Camille's contributions of amateur girls
01-2005 Arch Angel archangel's toes, soles and foot games
01-2005 Cherry Picked Links a sex links site with a feet section
01-2005 ProneParadise a celebrities foot site
01-2005 Barefoot Celebrity Collages Group group: barefoot celebrity collages
01-2005 Aux Pieds d'Eliena eliena's covered feet
01-2005 Feet A Gore Group group: the power of female smelly feet
01-2005 Pés das coroas Group group: mature feet; in portuguese language
01-2005 a japanese fetish link site oriented nyloned feet
01-2005 Balletpumps and Ballerinas Group group: women in ballet pumps and ballerinas
01-2005 EC's Black Soles and Feet Kingdom Group group: a place to see black soles and feet
01-2005 Pasion por los Pies Group group: foot fetish in spanish
12-2004 DnK's World crushing site with hq pics, clips; members area
12-2004 Snap the Legs - Legs Shot Junkie from japan, feet and legs; members area
12-2004 Fantasy Express a fetish bdsm site with a members area
12-2004 FemDom Club (the) english discipline, fetish bdsm, trampling; paying site
12-2004 pay-per-view videos; female domination, cock/ball torture
12-2004 a german foot fetish site; membership required
12-2004 - Moscow Foot Lovers Club (the) a russian site with good photos, foot worship pics, stories
12-2004 Paroxbasty's Chat chatrooms for bondaged feet; english, german, turkish
12-2004 Under Pressure listing of movies and tv scenes about full weight trampling and sitting
12-2004 Fetichismo de Pies pages of female feet, celebrities feet; from spain
12-2004 Lady Foot Toons Group group: collection of foot toons, mostly featuring feet that are oversized
11-2004 Karolvs celebrity feet, bare feet, sandals and more; net pictures
11-2004 Marias Feet maria's 20yo small feet; german paying site
11-2004 Shoebox Models beautiful women with pretty feet; pay site
11-2004 Cincinnati Feet female feet and sniffing, socks; pay site
11-2004 Foot Ladies a pay site with original photos
11-2004 Maîtresse Elise Paris a french mistress, paris; a members area
11-2004 Mistress Yvanka a pro domina site, montreal, canada; members area
11-2004 Food Crush (the) with clips and pics; japanese site
11-2004 Anny's Footpage beautiful site, high quality pics, great feet and shoes; a chat room
11-2004 Surgery Fetish-Club femdom and female feet, with the feet of reino sgy, submission, drawings; in portuguese
11-2004 Fetish and Passion Photo fetish photos
11-2004 Foot Slavery foot worship pictures from the net, stories
11-2004 BLOW - Beneath Ladies Of Wrestling dedicated to divas of wrestling
11-2004 Erotic Juice from japan, feet and legs in ph; candid pics
10-2004 Pies y Plataformas BCN Group group: feet in platform shoes; spanish group
10-2004 foot domination and trampling; pay site
10-2004 Senhora Helga Vany Freyja a brazilian mistress, sao paulo; stories, art pages, members area
10-2004 Awesome Rose rose wearing lingerie
10-2004 pretty girls and their delicious feet; paying site
10-2004 a paying site about footjobs; clips
10-2004 Helvetia Feet a paying site with original photos
10-2004 Jenny's Feet the feet of jenny and more; it's a paying site
10-2004 OrienToes pay site with foot worship, feet and domination
10-2004 Pata-Patas Web unpolished long and curved toenails, original content; venezuelan and spanish girls
10-2004 Pezinhos Femininos serious discussion about female feet worship, chat; in portuguese
10-2004 the long toenails of kat; toe closeups, soles, sandals, pedal pumping
10-2004 ToeSuckin's Gal toe sucking and foot worship pics
10-2004 Feet N Tickling Group group: a place to share photos and videos about women feet, tickling stories
09-2004 Greek Footlover (the) a greek personal page with pics from the net
09-2004 Empress Lady Carmen another lady carmen; long toenails, bdsm, high heels, nylons
08-2004 Mistress Hunter a pro domina site from toronto with pages of her feet; members area
08-2004 high heels; a pay site from china with nice previews, clips
08-2004 Flip Flop City girls wearing flop-flops with candids pics, models pics, shoe play and crushing; pay site
08-2004 a pay site for nylons with foot fetish sections
08-2004 Footfan PL barefeet and feet in pantyhose; a polish site
08-2004 eSaReT Forum forum: a foot domination forum from ukraine
08-2004 Feet Fetish Inc a free foot fetish site with black female feet
08-2004 Feet Kingdom many galleries with female feet, foot games; english and spanish
08-2004 Michael's Feetorama Seite soles pics with originals, contribs, media feet
07-2004 women in high heels; an area for members
07-2004 Ann's Gorgeous Feet avs: the sexy feet of ann; long toenails
07-2004 the feet of brigitte and tanja; from germany
07-2004 Celebrities Giantess Homepage nice gts montages with celebrities photos
07-2004 Pretty Pink Toes nice pages: bare feet, hoses, shoes, dirty feet, soles
07-2004 Web de Lola y Pepe lola's feet, contributions, candid pics
06-2004 Always Barefoot bondaged feet and dirty feet; paying site
06-2004 Bare Naked Feet a pay site without preview
06-2004 CléoFeet cléo's feet in high heels, sandals
06-2004 female foot, simply soles; paying site
05-2004 Feet in the Movies - FITM celebrities shoe sizes; forums in english and italian
05-2004 Natalie's Jungle the feet of natalie with good samples; paying site
05-2004 Tessa's Corner exhib and stockings; pay site
05-2004 Tim's Pedal Pumping Babes sexy feet and pedals; members area
05-2004 First Dutch Pantyhose Site (the) many informations with pictures about pantyhose
05-2004 BFD - contribution galleries from ladies all over the world; net pix
05-2004 LemonadeCafe a japanese site with some photos; long toenails
05-2004 RE. Productions XXX Feet Forum group: foot fetish w/a touch of xxx hardcore; original, scans
05-2004 Barefoot Ann Forum forum: a young lady from quebec with dirty feet
05-2004 Foot Fanatix bare feet photos and foot worship photos
04-2004 Tacchi Alti e Suole Sporche Forum forum: an italian place about crushing in high heels
04-2004 Sexy Celeste Cam Network the beautiful celeste in high heels, pantyhose; members area, live cam
04-2004 high heels in the streets; members area
04-2004 Mature Female Feet a site is about mature females and their sexy legs and feet; paying site
04-2004 Sweet Ladies' Bare Feet mariann's feet, a delightful woman from russia and friends; dirty feet, barefooting
04-2004 Hübsche Füße the feet of german women
04-2004 Socks Bondage and Barefeet Group group: socks, bondage and barefeet
04-2004 Bound and Barefoot bound and barefoot women; paying site
03-2004 Betty Monroe feet, footjobs; photos and clips, members area
03-2004 female feet, trampling, femdom, foot worship; pay site with previews
03-2004 - Nylon und Fuss Fetisch feet and nylon; in german, membership site
03-2004 real-life dominant females; paying site
03-2004 Petra und Ralf - nyloned feet and legs, pantyhose, bondaged feet
03-2004 Celebrity Feet at John Kipling 36 with c.aguilera, k.minogue, g.porter, s.o'connor
02-2004 Footsearch Home Page nyloned female feet, old shoes, fantasies; paying site with large free area
02-2004 Mistress Emmanuelle a french no-professional mistress; paying site
02-2004 MyToes4U a paying site with the nice feet of leidy; long toenails, clips
02-2004 Tickle Me in Nylons pantyhosed foot tickling site; paying site
02-2004 Worldwide Tickling bound ticklish bare feet; paying site
02-2004 toes in all colors, some bondaged feet
02-2004 Sneaker Fetish Fantasies avs: cyberage - a sneaker fetish site
01-2004 young ladies with dirty feet, candid feet style; paying site
01-2004 Female Foot Love several pages with net pics; worship, footjobs, celeb feet
01-2004 Footjob Tales with some stories
01-2004 Trample Group group: a turkish group about trampling
01-2004 ANA Videos Tickling & Foot Site tickling and footworship videos; often updated with new pics, clips
01-2004 Trample Dream Page (the) trampling sessions, sm
01-2004 Female Foot Worship avs: adultverifier - foot worship and sex
12-2003 an italian site with amateur photos, foot artwork, chat, webcam
12-2003 1 Wet Feet Fetish dedicated to those who love beautiful wet feet; paying site
12-2003 Footjob PL footjobs pics from the net; a polish site
12-2003 High Heeled Fantasies high heels, boots, sandals, celebrities in heels
12-2003 Site des Fétichistes (le) a french fetish site avec pictures and stories (in french)
12-2003 Live Fetish Girls by jbvideo, live cams with girls in nylons; paying site
12-2003 Long Toes Club photos from the net
12-2003 Andy's Page some trampling pix from the net
12-2003 Prettyfeet's Showcase barefeet, feet in thongs and sandals, crushing, pedal pumping and more
12-2003 Missing Kink Productions (the) a trampling site with free pics
12-2003 Soletk's Tickling Toons and Tales tickling toons and tales
11-2003 soles, toes, shoes, bi-girl footsie, toy crushing; paying site
11-2003 Isabella's Stockings isabella's feet in stockings and high heels; paying site
11-2003 eastern european girls and their feet; pay site
11-2003 For all Footfetish Fans a site with galleries of net pics
11-2003 Hapsitaposo Group group: about ladies trampling men; primary language is hungarian
11-2003 Matrix Feet foot fetish, celebrities, femdom; clips too
11-2003 Hot High Heels - Kiko's & Geena's Place good pics of shoes, trampling, crushing, gts
11-2003 Pezinhos da Carla the feet of carla and more
11-2003 Our Sexy Socks avs: cyberageplatinum - girls wearing white socks
11-2003 Cool Feetures avs: cyberage - galleries about soles, sniffing
11-2003 Lesbian Foot Fetish Stories Group group: see the title
10-2003 Aj's Designer Shoes a collection of designer high heels and boots, photos and infos
10-2003 Aj's Dressage Boots riding boots and equestrian pictures
10-2003 Bondage Gallery Femdom Art avs: cyberage - femdom, bdsm drawings
10-2003 Celebrities Trampling famous women trampling or stepping on men, with photos
09-2003 FeetandFeet an italian site with celebrity feet and more
09-2003 Alabama Hottie feet and exhibition; pay site
09-2003 Bree's Fantasy Feet foot fetish and pantyhose; pay site
09-2003 Geile-Fuesse feet and exhibition; german pay site
09-2003 Stockings And Stilettos high heels and stockings; pay site
09-2003 celebrity feet with photos, clips, list of scenes in movies and more
09-2003 Chaussures de Femmes (les) Forum forum: french place about women's used shoes
08-2003 legs and high heels fetish; members area
08-2003 taylor in pantyhose with several photos in sample; paying site
08-2003 Pierwsza Polska strona o GTS a gts site from poland
07-2003 foot, sex and soles; paying site
07-2003 Pantyhose-City pantyhose pay site
05-2003 Unghie Lunghe - Long Nails long toenails, long fingernails; italian site
05-2003 Aftereight allopass: clips about nylons
05-2003 several pages with pretty feet
04-2003 Foot & Heels Fantasies the common site of dark-fashions and me for contributions and guests
04-2003 Pés com Dedos Longos dedicated to female feet with long toes; celebs and amateurs
03-2003 Sex MadHouse a fetish&sex pay site with foot fetish and wet girls
03-2003 amateur feet; paying site
03-2003 DanFeet several galleries of feet and legs in nylon
03-2003 Web Feet Collection good and many pics; celebrities and amateurs; foot contests
02-2003 pages with long toenails and long fingernails
02-2003 CelebriTickle Group group: about celebrities and tickling
01-2003 High Heels and Spikes high heels, girls in high heel shoes and boots with tall spike heels; pay site
01-2003 Hot Barefoot PL women bare foot from poland; photos from the net
01-2003 Mifi's Hjemmeside nyloned feet; from denmark
01-2003 Beldear's Celebrity Feet tvcaps with international celebrities and german celebrities
01-2003 Dirty Soles very dirty feet
01-2003 Pasion por los Pies 2 Group group: foot fetish in spanish
12-2002 Pasion por los Pies 3 Group group: foot fetish in spanish
11-2002 Piedi Famosi Italiani (e non) pics of famous italian women
11-2002 Piedi Italiani a good italian site with vidcaps, celeb feet, contributions, candids
11-2002 DominaLine domination/submission; paying site
11-2002 Ooohhh... Çoraplar turkish site with nets pics
11-2002 Tube Crushing stomping and squizing every drop of liquid mass out of tubes; cds
11-2002 AAPPFF Amantes de los Pies Femeninos Group group: lovers of female foot, spanish language
10-2002 black foot fetish; paying site
10-2002 High Heels Erotik ladies in high heels; a german paying site
10-2002 Aventures de Grand Bob (les) stories in french language about foot worship and female domination
10-2002 Bagheera la Libertine Forum forum: bagheera's feet in high heels, simply shoes, nylons
10-2002 Bunnyglamazon kisisel kolesi Forum forum: a turkish place about dominant and amazon women
10-2002 Foot Domination Forum forum: foot worship, trampling, crushing
10-2002 Her Slave Forum forum: male slaves under dominant ladies feet
10-2002 Steel Heels Forum forum: womens spiked heels trample, crush & cbt
10-2002 Tracys Slave Forum forum: foot domination
09-2002 female feet, foot job, foot worship, movies, live shows, games; paying site
09-2002 Black Foot Worship and Trampling Forum forum: trampling and black women
09-2002 Brazil Feet - Pezinhos de Famosas the feet of brazilian celebrities, models, actresses
09-2002 Dames in Sexy High Heels - DISHH attractive women wearing fashionable high heels
09-2002 Fétichisme du Pied Féminin Forum forum: foot fetish and domination; in french
09-2002 Foot and Toes with photos from the net
08-2002 Juicy Justina - Justina's Toes justina's toes, soles, dirty feet, bondaged feet and more
08-2002 Lechage Wanadoo foot worship; net pix
07-2002 1 Dolce Schiavetto per Ragazze Web Site an italian site with foot domination and face sitting
07-2002 Footjob - Pieds et Sexe foot job with net pics and contribs; an entrance allopass
05-2002 Men kissing Female Feet foot worship, collected from the net; stories
04-2002 A los Pies de un Ama Negra one page with men under black ladies feet
03-2002 Clark Pardon's International Feet foot fetish and trampling; pay site
03-2002 Ginger's Jobs footjob/blowjob pics
03-2002 Asian Foot Video avs: cyberageplatinum - foot worship
03-2002 CityFeet, the City under Female Feet a site for barefoot style with women without shoes
03-2002 Fetish-Park Trampling avs: adultcheck - several places about trampling; in boots, in shoes, under bare feet
03-2002 Seductive Feet, Sexy Women several galleries with pix from the net
02-2002 Fashion Club a pantyhose paying site with many free pics; covered feet
02-2002 ActiveHH Forum forum: dominant woman using high heels
01-2002 Crushing Cruel Feet crushing under boots
01-2002 Foot Fetish Marathon avs: ultrapass - pictures and clips of female feet, foot worship, tickling and more
01-2002 Amour des Semelles (l') for those loving the soles of shoes; worship and pov
01-2002 Cleo's Feet New Site the second place of cleo; long toenails, bare feet, stockings, crushing
01-2002 Footman's Gallery - Feet City candid pictures of womens feet in the street and more
01-2002 Giko Fetish Art giko's artwork; female domination, face sitting
12-2001 Lick My Boots boots and high heels worship site
12-2001 Extreme Crushing avs: adultcheck - crushing
12-2001 F-Garden feet and legs in pantyhose; japonese site
11-2001 Russian Female Feet Fetish many good photos in several pages
11-2001 Mikes Toe Girls leigh's and rachel's feet page
10-2001 Piedi Comuni an italian site with contributions
10-2001 Boot Stories stories about boot worship and foot worship; english and french
10-2001 Adoration of my Foot Mistress avs: cyberage - foot worship
10-2001 Lesbian Feet Pleasures avs: cyberage - lesbian foot games
09-2001 Ayak Kölesi Hizmetinizde pages of foot worship; nets pics, turkish site
09-2001 Queeny Pumps a german pumps site; originals and contributions
09-2001 - le Site de Magali magali's feet, close-ups
08-2001 Boot Lickers Fetish fetishism and high heels; erotic stories
08-2001 Nails of Cyn Fetish Page the long toenails and fingernails of cynthia
07-2001 Celeste's Home Page celeste's long toes and more
07-2001 Live-Cam Ladies show their sexy Solez screenshots of cam girls showing their soles
07-2001 Hot Stella an exhib site; you can see some feet, and ph
07-2001 Foot Paradise avs: cyberage - mixed pics
06-2001 NoSocks Paradise collection of bare feet photos
06-2001 Heels and Nylon Fetish Site babes in heels and nylons
05-2001 A vos Pieds feet, trampling, stories in french language
05-2001 Das Deutsche Promi Fuss Projekt scans and vidcaps of celebrities; german site
04-2001 Pies Dominantes de La Red foot worship from mexico
04-2001 Foot Bazaar the place for all amateur feet pics
04-2001 DJK Scans celebrities scans in a amazing site
04-2001 Celebrity Foot - Rare Celebrity Feet with good celebrities feet scans
04-2001 Tyra's Toes tyra banks feet
03-2001 Damesko a site with pictures of feet in high heels and sandals
03-2001 Angel's Cloud angel's feet with many pages
03-2001 Sam's FootPoint several pages in a german site; soles, bondaged feet
03-2001 Steve's Scan & Vidcap Page celebrities feet scans; vidcaps
02-2001 foot and sex; a pay site
01-2001 New Foot Fetish Site foot worship, trampling and more with nets pics; italian version
01-2001 a dutch foot fetish; membership required
01-2001 Hauts Talons d'Exxs (les) high heels and fetishism; many pages
01-2001 A Sexy Cat Foot Fantasy Group group: a haven for foot worshipers
12-2000 Dana Eros Web Site an italian site with fetishisms, high heels, bondage, pantyhose
12-2000 BleachedOut's Riding Boots Page women in riding boots
12-2000 Nylons just 4U Group group: nylonic dreams comes true
11-2000 High-Heels 2001 high heels, originals and nets pics; dangling and celeb in high heels
11-2000 fighting, wrestling and femdom; paying site
11-2000 Madame Nicole some free stuff coming from the owk site
11-2000 many beautiful personal pics, a german site
11-2000 5peedbump's Garage a life under foot and sneakers; pics, story
11-2000 Bonnie's Feet several pages of bonnie's feet; soles, bare feet
11-2000 Foot Admiration pics of feet and shoes; soles
11-2000 Jane's Feet with soles, toes, shoes, sox photos
10-2000 Just Barefeet - Einfach Barfuss dirty feet and barefooting
10-2000 Diamond's Foot Palace footographer's latest site with diamond
10-2000 Jody's Hands & Feet nice photos of jody's feet
10-2000 Shelby World the small feet of shelby
10-2000 Cindy's Smellables the feet and socks of cindy
10-2000 Sherri's Feet in Hose several pages of sherri's feet & legs in hoses
09-2000 Ms Divine (the) ms divine by footographer; feet and foot worship
09-2000 Share Files 8 Site a webpoll about celebrities as mistresses with net photos of celebrities too
08-2000 F-Word Boy's Celebrity Feet Scans (the) many pages about celebrities feet and an archive section
06-2000 Feetopotamia nets pictures: foot worship, trampling, black & asian ladies feet
06-2000 Fem-Dom Gallery by Cuckold footworship and trampling photos
04-2000 Footdom a german site with a long story illustrated with drawings
12-1999 Podolatria, Trample e Salto Alto Homepage a brazilian site with trampling nets pics
12-1999 Realm of Miching Mallecho (the) a very complete site for stars feet; scans and clips
12-1999 Leila's Footworld feet galleries, soles and trampling too
11-1999 Mocassins a french site with dangling and shoe-play photos; stories in french language
11-1999 Bunny Web sexy women, stockings, high heels
11-1999 My Wild Nights some pictures of faith's feet and legs
10-1999 Flatstomac Trample Pictures several pages of trampling
10-1999 Feet in Web Club good nets pics; several pages
09-1999 Eyes for Peds nice nets pics and contributions
09-1999 Feethouse - German Foot Fetish originals pics
09-1999 Melissa's Page melissa's feet and shoes
08-1999 Swedish Sox'n Feet feet in sox and in nylons; many pics
05-1999 Temple du Fétichisme (le) tvcaps, pics; a french site
04-1999 Sourire Verticale (le) a beautiful and inventive french fetish site with french text; with flash3
04-1999 Dans l'Antre de Godzilla - In Den of Godzilla a trampling page i made with godzilla
03-1999 Nation of Foot - Best of Domination domination and footworship; many nets photos
03-1999 Nylonica Bondage Page (the) bondaged feet in nylons
03-1999 Jerrod's gotta love those Feet scans, originals and nets pics
02-1999 Dutch Foot Old Page good pictures
02-1999 Aragorn's Guests Galleries in 1998 with anny, bibi, brigitte, kerry, raven, sarah & suzanne
02-1999 Sandie's Feet Page sandie's pretty feet in many galleries; bondage
12-1998 Hypnotic Beauty of Feet & Hands good pictures in several pages
12-1998 Bottom of Jennifer Ringley (the) the big feet of jenni
12-1998 Tiger Feet good feet and legs pics
12-1998 Enormous Extremities a gts site
11-1998 Foot Fetish Fantasy avs: freenetpass - small samples
11-1998 Prince's Feet-World some pics without previews; french page
10-1998 Isabel74 Homepage fetishism and highheels
10-1998 Lady in Boots - LIB several galleries of women in boots
10-1998 My little Feet and Toe Page good feet pics in several pages
10-1998 Sole & Feet Homepage pics gallery and art gallery
10-1998 Turfeet's Page good pics of icy's feet
10-1998 Evania's Tickling Domain feet and tickling; no previews
09-1998 High Heels Lover mules, sandals, pumps; nets pics and originals
09-1998 Page of the Footling (the) men at women feet; few pics
09-1998 Kingdom of Lady Spira (the) feet pics of lady spira
08-1998 Piedini Fini Home Page some pics from italy
08-1998 Sensual Female Feet by Yasmin several pages of pretty nets pictures
08-1998 Pedal Worship Archive for pedal pumping fans
08-1998 Female Foot Foto Album (the) celebrities and asiates feet
07-1998 Sandal Home Page a german site with some pictures
07-1998 Mach 9 Distribution's Celebrity Feet celebrities feet
07-1998 Lorie's Pantyhose Page some small pics
06-1998 Ladies Feet good nets pics & bondaged feet with scans
06-1998 Cecy's & Friends Legs and Feet Page some pics
03-1998 Miss Piedi di Fata italian feet site
02-1998 Bill's Foot Stool some pics
02-1998 Dave's Land small pics of soles
01-1998 Platform Diva - Linda O'Keeffe platform shoes history with illustrations
01-1998 Amateur High Heel Homepage (the) several pages of feet in heels
11-1997 TKtrader's Post videos caps
08-1997 Angie's Footpage "non standart" feet
07-1997 Brother John's House of Feet some good nets pics
05-1997 Personal Fetishes small pics

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