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05-2005 Woman Worship dedicated to the worship of woman, free stories; femdom, foot worship, crushing, pay section
05-2005 Débora Lady Feet beautiful galleries of Débora's feet, closeups, sandals, soles; paying site
05-2005 Eve's Eden - Eve Ellis' Domain bondage, fetish photos, foot/shoes worship; a pay site
05-2005 Franco Saudelli the site of Franco Saudelli, the greatest artist for foot/tickling fantasies; with also photos
05-2005 a pay place with foot related humiliation; with the Artwork of Sardax
05-2005 Patricia - Foot Top Model a woman with very pretty feet; clips, Artwork, a members area
05-2005 TickleTown an online tickling magazine that is updated monthly with tons of original material
05-2005 TMF - The Tickling Media Forum message-boards for ticklers + Chat room; the principal place about tickling
05-2005 Bondage Planet a bondage pay site with videos too; cartoons
05-2005 Mistress Land foot domination and humiliations; paying site with samples
05-2005 Restrained Elegance a romantic bondage site with focus on the feet; samples, members area
05-2005 Sardax' artwork; fetish BDSM with submission under feet
05-2005 trampling, crushing, footjob, ballbusting with pictures and clips; videos
05-2005 Chris Cartoons Art and Drawings another place for Chris! of England's Art
05-2005 Chris!ofEngland's fetish drawings and stories; paying site
05-2005 Fighting Style female wrestling and fighting; artwork, Chatroom, members area, videos
05-2005 HugeMuscleComix drawings with femdom, amazons, paying site
05-2005 Pin-up Files not a foot fetish site but pin-up girls art is attractive, no ?
05-2005 Virtual Giantess GTS fantasies in 3D; paying site
05-2005 Ronald Putzker's SMarties fetish photos with artistic photos in a feet section
04-2005 by Larry Coleman fine art feet fotos for fanatic female foot fanciers
04-2005 Roberto Baldazzini Official Website Baldazzini's drawings and infos about his artworks
04-2005 Giantess Zone Studios & Feet Zone at the feet of giantess with a feet zone section; videos, clips, drawings
04-2005 Queen Adrena's Dominance Domain videos of face-sitting & trampling; a BBW mistress, an Artwork page, stories
04-2005 Agency Publishing company that specializes in female foot tickling art and comic books
04-2005 MTJ Publishing source for tickling fiction & Art
03-2005 Tanya's Foot Fever Group Group: Tanya's feet, Tanya's art and more
03-2005 Toon Tootsies Group Group: cartoon female feet with some tickling
02-2005 Shoe Bizarre bizarre shoe art
02-2005 Winzling's Shrink Page a GTS page; collages, POV, drawings
02-2005 Barefoot Girl Media - Dennis 'n Mara's Dennis Cramer's comics; video store
01-2005 Abby's Realm domme with elegance and style; foot worship, BDSM, stories, artworks, members area
01-2005 Giganta - Goddesses' Land portal for GTS fantasies with drawings, stories and more
01-2005 Biz Art AVS: female domination drawing and sketches
01-2005 LilDevilSexShop a member site legs/hose oriented, soft BDSM
12-2004 StyleTTos Italy original 3D shoe model design and shoe portal with high heels links
11-2004 Giantess Magic - Pete's GTS Page GTS and POV site with feet section, celebrities and more; a membership area, Chat, forum
11-2004 Artwork by DJ nice Artworks with several images
11-2004 Heike's Super Heels Page good pics of extrem high heels; drawings, videos
11-2004 AVS: drawings with femdom, face sitting
10-2004 Absurd FemDom Sex Gallery AVS: fetish Artworks; face sitting
10-2004 Girls Beating People Group Group: ballbusting, fighting, footfetish
10-2004 Maxart1 Group Group: dedicated to the giantess art of Maxart1
08-2004 Cute-Art Group Group: with feet in toons
08-2004 FemDom Art Gallery AVS: drawings of foot domination and face sitting
06-2004 Captiva Bondage with barefoot bondage drawings
06-2004 Turbina333 tickling artworks with pix to buy; spanish language
04-2004 Chuckbleep's Drawings fetish drawings, GTS
04-2004 an Italian site with many photos about sexy and elegant high heels, stories
04-2004 LPD Homepage long toenails art and GTS
02-2004 with paintings and photographies
01-2004 Art of Steel (the) fetish and erotic artist; original drawings to order
01-2004 Giovanna Casotto Artwork Store giovanna casotto official website and original artwork store
10-2003 Heels Art Fetish Site (the) Artwork with high heels, latex; beautiful
09-2003 Soles 4T tickling and cartoons; pics from the Web
07-2003 Christy's Home Page a French fetish/SM site with nice drawings; Nets pictures
07-2003 Fontaine's World superb foot paintings
07-2003 Tinkerhead's Tickling Spot Group Group: collection of tickle pics and art
04-2003 Crushed Snake (the) a fantasy site on the theme "Snake won by the woman"; art, texts, comics
03-2003 Jessika78 an Italian fetishBDSM site with many pages, texts, photos, artworks; foot section
03-2003 Marcus White Entertainment with Artworks of platform sneakers in the shoebox
03-2003 Mistress smother Slave AVS: CyberAge - humiliations, face sitting; photos, drawing and stories
01-2003 Femdom Artwork Drawings AVS: CyberAge - femdom artwork drawings
12-2002 Foot-o-Rama - Johnzy's Feetness an Italian site with only original pix
11-2002 Baroness (the) drawings from PierJac
11-2002 Madame X foot and domination; photos of Madame X and Net pics
09-2002 Pierjac's Gallery drawings; erotic artwork with AlloPass
07-2002 Magmax: Fetish Designer fetish Art and fashion
04-2002 Feet Obsession a good site with Nets pics and contributions; comics, stories
12-2001 SW Tickle Website - Sergio's a must for tickler; pictures, stories, cartoons, links
06-2001 Franco Saudelli's Old Homepage the old place of Saudelli
05-2001 Erotic Drawings AVS: CyberAge - fetish SM drawings
03-2001 Lady Dominance and her Slave a site dedicated to the supremacy of women; Nets pics with feet/heels, Art
10-1999 Femtickler's Home Page toons of tickling feet and dangling

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