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12-1998 Foot Sex Fun avs: adultcheck - some pics
11-1998 Beautiful Barefoot Stars celebrities feet
11-1998 Connoisseur of Fine Feet good photos of celebrities
11-1998 Lesbian Twin Foot Sex AVS: CyberAge - one page of pictures
11-1998 Shelley's Arches & Feetures some pics of Shelley's feet
10-1998 Sadie's Sexy Feet some pics in good galleries
10-1998 Skyhigh High Heels simply stories on line now
06-1998 Lorna's Page of Feet a small page with long toenails
06-1998 Mach 9 Distribution's Queen Site celebrities feet
06-1998 Mistress Zora's World a pro domina site; some pics of her feet
06-1998 Spike Heels Sandals and Pumps an Italian high heels site
06-1998 Twilight Time's Home pics of trampling
06-1998 Wonderful World of Women's Feet (the) good Nets pics in several pages
05-1998 Britbabes Feet some famous pics; no previews
05-1998 Female Domination Feet & High Heels pics of domination and high heels
05-1998 Mygoodness' Beautiful Feet several pages of stars feet
05-1998 Night Traveler's Detour good pics
05-1998 Night's End some pics of Net
04-1998 Cool's Sandal Archive small feet pics in sandals; celebrities
04-1998 Feel Feet from Italia several galleries without previews
04-1998 Temple of the Boot (the) by a fan of boots
03-1998 Boots'n Heels boots and heels…
03-1998 Drew's Bare Feet Drew Barrymore's feet
02-1998 Alba Home Page Spanish page with some pics
01-1998 Amazing Six-Toed Foot (the) a girl with 6 toes

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