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12-2000 Barefoot Female Foot Fetish pages with Nets pics
12-2000 Beautiful Women and their Feet women feet and celebrities feet; some worship too
12-2000 Patent Letter (the) monthly e-zine devoted to high heels; CDs for sale
11-2000 Hauts Talons de Stéphanie (les) a French site about high heels; originals and from the Net
11-2000 Miss Cleo Online with some foot pictures
10-2000 Leanne's Fabulous Feet feet and socks galleries
10-2000 Stinkesocken von Frauen Nets pictures with humiliation at feet; German
10-2000 Top Legs about legs in stockings and nylons
09-2000 Fortweese's Sneaker Trample Site many pages of sneakers, trampling, crushing; videos
08-2000 Celeb Sole Scans scans pictures of celebrities feet and soles
08-2000 Down by the Riverside beautiful women and stars feet; clips
08-2000 FD Page - Whip, Boot & Femdom humiliation at feet
08-2000 Frauen auf Großen Fuß women with big feet; celebrities and Nets pics
08-2000 GTS in Nylons about GTS in nylons with little men in various situations
08-2000 Heavenly Heels messy heels
08-2000 High Heels and Stockings women in heels and stockings
08-2000 Leggy Site pretty girls, legs and exhibition
08-2000 Mrs Lu's Page feet (with dirty feet) and wrestling
08-2000 PJ & Lou's Place PJ's feet, nylons, high heels
08-2000 Raoul's Celeb Feet celebrities feet
08-2000 Reachan's Sole Page asian site with closeups and soles pics
07-2000 Celebrity and Supermodel Feet in Hose celebrities feet and legs
07-2000 Celebs Feet Warehouse celebrities feet; B.Spears
07-2000 Fem Feet 2000 beautiful feet in this site
07-2000 Foot Slave - Foot Domination Nets pictures
07-2000 Television Feet foot scenes from TV shows and commercials
06-2000 Angel's Feet & Celebrity Scans celebrity scans in alphabetical order and the feet of Angel too
06-2000 Fille sans fin (la) by ORKA photos of a nude woman barefeet, inspired by a book
06-2000 Foot Zone (the) Nets pictures
06-2000 Heels & Laces pictures of girls in high heels
06-2000 shoes store with fantasy shoes
06-2000 Nylons et Hauts Talons a page about dangling, feet in heels
05-2000 Evil French GTS a French GTS site; English speaking
05-2000 Footjobs Corner (the) AVS: CyberAge - photos and clips about footjobs
05-2000 French Pearl's Site pages about the feet of Pearl from France; contributions
05-2000 Master Soles a page with good soles pictures
05-2000 Naughty Pumpkin's Pretty Feet page with used sox and stories online
05-2000 Sexy legs and feet in Nylons and Garters pages with exhibition girls in nylons
05-2000 Stefka's Feet-Fetish a German site with good pics
04-2000 Double Digits about big feet
04-2000 Feet Palace (the) AVS: CyberAge - several foot fetish sections
04-2000 Fighting Female Feet photos and vidcaps
04-2000 Foot Worship and Domination one page with Nets pics
04-2000 Footographer's World starring Brandy the feet and the legs of Brandy
04-2000 Galleria dei Piedi (la) contributions feet pics with pretty models; Italian site
04-2000 L-F Situation nylons from Japan
04-2000 Sexy Peds II feet and legs in shoes and nylons
04-2000 Souliers de Michèle (les) a page with high heels
03-2000 Miss Feet Page crushing and used shoes; small pics, under construction
03-2000 Pézinhos Home Page Brazilian site with pretty pics from the Net in several galleries
02-2000 Fat Cat's Foot Fetish Lounging Area sexy feet pictures
02-2000 Legs on the Earth legs site from Japan
02-2000 Piedi Femminili Cercasi Nets pics and contributions in a Italian site
02-2000 Sniff Foot's Page pictures and stories about a man sniffing woman's feet and socks
01-2000 Alex Feet and Foot page good Nets pictures in several pages
01-2000 Net Feet Nets pics
01-2000 O Podolatra - the Footslave El Greco, a footslave from Brazil
01-2000 PPxtra links for pedal pumping lovers

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