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05-2005 Jodhpurs Fetish AVS: women in equestrian boots with femdom content
05-2005 PNC - Fetish Place dirty shoes, feet, socks; shoe play, candid shots; AVS, paying site
05-2005 Bare Feet Ecstasy AVS: feet and sex, footjobs; clips
05-2005 Big Breast and Barefoot AVS: foot sex and big breasts
05-2005 - Deutsches Fusserotik Forum German site with several pages and many photos; stories, webcam, videos, AVS
05-2005 Japanese Femdom AVS: Japanese site with humiliations and femdom; clips
05-2005 Japanese Platform Boots AVS: clips of platform booted Japanese girls
05-2005 Foot Fetish Clips AVS: pictures and clips of footjobs
04-2005 buffalo shoes, crushing, trampling, used shoes, candid shots; AVS, from Germany
04-2005 AVS: girls bound with naked feet
03-2005 Home Slippers Collections AVS: home slippers and home mules
02-2005 Hard Heels AVS: babes in high heels
01-2005 Biz Art AVS: female domination drawing and sketches
12-2004 Superb FemDom AVS: foot humiliation and femdom pictures
12-2004 High Style - Fashion Heels AVS: beautiful women in high heels; good photos
11-2004 AVS: drawings with femdom, face sitting
10-2004 Absurd FemDom Sex Gallery AVS: fetish Artworks; face sitting
10-2004 High-Heel Fantasies AVS: sex and high heels
09-2004 Heellovers Page feet in high heels with original photos and Nets pics; webcam, an AVS entrance
08-2004 FemDom Art Gallery AVS: drawings of foot domination and face sitting
08-2004 Girls in White Socks AVS: girls in white socks
07-2004 Erotic Boots AVS: beautiful women in boots and latex
07-2004 Feetjob Whores AVS: foot games
07-2004 Fem Dom Trampling AVS: trampling sessions
07-2004 Teen Feet Pics AVS: a young lady showing off her feet
07-2004 XXX Feet Sex AVS: footjobs, toesucking, foot worship and foot movies
07-2004 Cum on her Feet AVS: sex and feet
07-2004 AVS: foot games
07-2004 Mistress Patricia Marsh House of Domination a domina from Toronto; fetish fantasies, BDSM, an entrance CyberAge
06-2004 Boot Fetish Fun AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - boots fetish
04-2004 Foot Fetish Extreme-Pictures AVS: AdultCheckGold - models foot fetish and exhibition pages
03-2004 Hot Legs and Stockings AVS: CyberAge - long legs wrapped in sheer stockings
03-2004 Feet & Legs in Porn AVS: AdultVerifier - foot and sex, pornstars
01-2004 Asian Ballbusting Adult Site AVS: CyberAge - ballbusting with an asian mistress
01-2004 Honour Your Mistress AVS: CyberAge - foot domination
01-2004 Female Fetish Sex - F.E.M AVS: AdultVerifier - some women foot games
12-2003 Her Cruel Feet AVS: FreeNetPass - crushing food and objects, trampling
12-2003 She's Got Legs AVS: CyberAge - women legs
09-2003 Oriental Submission AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - foot worship and domination photos
08-2003 Candid High Heels AVS: SexKey - shots of women in high heels
08-2003 FemDom QueenDom AVS: CyberAge - Nets pics, stories
06-2003 Boot Fetish AVS: CyberAge - babes in boots
06-2003 Celebrities in High Heels AVS: SexKey - pages with celebrities in high heels
06-2003 AVS: CyberAge - collection of Nets photos
04-2003 A Healthy Foot Obsession AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - for feet fetishists
04-2003 X Foot Files (the) AVS: AdultVerifier - foot worship, footjobs
03-2003 AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - with tortured and tickled feet
03-2003 Mistress smother Slave AVS: CyberAge - humiliations, face sitting; photos, drawing and stories
02-2003 Trample Babes AVS: CyberAge - Nets pics
01-2003 Amateur Voyeur Feet Movies AVS: ProAdult - candid photos and movies
01-2003 Femdom Artwork Drawings AVS: CyberAge - femdom artwork drawings
12-2002 Babes in Soxxx AVS: CyberAge - babes in socks
12-2002 Boot Worship AVS: CyberAge - boot worship
12-2002 Foot Fever AVS: CyberAge - foot and sex
12-2002 Pantyhose Fetish AVS: CyberAge - girls in pantyhose
12-2002 Stilettos and Heels AVS: CyberAge - women wearing sexy high heels and stilettos
12-2002 Stocking Fetish AVS: CyberAge - white stockings and exhibition
12-2002 Foot Fetish Ezine AVS: foot and sex, footjobs, clips
12-2002 Sock Fetish AVS: CyberAge - pretty babes in socks
11-2002 Bare Foot Trampling AVS: SexKey - bare foot trampling
10-2002 AVS: AdultCheckGold - foot fetish, exhib
09-2002 Horny Feet AVS: FreeNetPass - foot fetish
09-2002 Kianna's Home Page AVS: ProAdultQuantum - exhibition in high heels
09-2002 Toes Teasers AVS: CyberAge - girls bare feet
09-2002 Ball Busting AVS: CyberAge - ball busting
09-2002 Besotted by Pantyhose AVS: CyberAge - foot and leg worship; women in pantyhose
08-2002 Jenny's Sweet Feet AVS: ProAdultQuantum - footjobs with Jenny
08-2002 Sexy Feet and Heels AVS: AdultCheckGold - a foot show
08-2002 Black Platform Shoes AVS: FreeNetPass - black platform shoes
08-2002 Femdom Retro AVS: ProAdultQuantum - retro pics from the Net; BDSM
08-2002 Foot Fetish Maid (the) AVS: FreeNetPass - foot fetish
08-2002 Foot Lover Site AVS: FreeNetPass - footjobs
08-2002 Lesbian Foot Lovers I - Foot Games AVS: FreeNetPass - girl/girl foot worship
08-2002 Lesbian Foot Lovers II - Obsession AVS: FreeNetPass - lesbian foot sex
08-2002 Working Feet AVS: FreeNetPass - girls using their toes
07-2002 Trample Corner AVS: CyberAge - Melissa and a slaveboy
07-2002 Schoolgirls Feet AVS: CyberSex - no more information
06-2002 Footjob Television AVS: CyberAge - footjobs pictures and clips
06-2002 Spreading Legs AVS: CyberSex - feet and sex
04-2002 AVS: CyberSex - foot jobs, nothing else
04-2002 Pointed Toe (the) AVS: CyberSex - foot fetish with a focus on pointed toes
03-2002 Melodies of Female Feet AVS: CyberAge - foot fetish in several pages
03-2002 Asian New Paradise AVS: CyberAge - asian feet
03-2002 Nylons and Pantyhose AVS: AdultCheckGold - exhibition, pantyhose, stockings
02-2002 Babes and Boots AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - babes wearing boots
02-2002 Mistress Rules AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - SM site
02-2002 Amber's Feet AVS: FreeNetPass - the feet and the shoes of Amber
01-2002 Teen Toe Sucking Frenzy AVS: FreeNetPass - toe sucking
01-2002 AVS: CyberAge - pages about footjobs
01-2002 Sexy Pantyhose Girls AVS: FreeNetPass - thousands pics with girls wearing pantyhose
12-2001 Amateur Kerri in Pantyhose AVS: FreeNetPass - the naughtiest nurse wearing silky pantyhose and a smile
12-2001 Barefoot Babes ...Beautiful Nudes AVS: NetVerifier - young women showing off their bare feet
12-2001 Fetish-Center - High Heels Archives AVS : CyberAge - pretty women in high heels
11-2001 AVS: AdultCheck - foot fetish galleries
11-2001 AVS: AdultCheckGold - pictures of stockings, pantyhose, videos, nylons, tights
10-2001 Amateur Jennifer in Pantyhose AVS: CyberAge - amateur Jennifer in pantyhose
10-2001 Extreme Teens in Pantyhose AVS: FreeNetPass - young ladies in pantyhose
10-2001 Pantyhose Upskirt Pictures AVS: FreeNetPass - photosets with girls in pantyhose
10-2001 High Heels Pics AVS: AdultCheckGold - babes in nylons and high heels
09-2001 Amateurs & Nylon AVS: CyberAge - female legs in nylon, pantyhose
09-2001 Pantyhose Sex - Pantyhosemania AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - girls sex in pantyhose
09-2001 Boot Maxx AVS: CyberAge - sexy women in boots
09-2001 El Duque's GTS Home Page AVS: CyberAge - giantess site
08-2001 Tampa Fetish AVS: CyberAge - boots and high heels fetish; bondage & latex
07-2001 Fem Dom Mistress - Lesbian Domination AVS: CyberAge - F/f fetish and domination, high heels
07-2001 PlatformZ AVS: CyberAge - sexy girls in plaforms
06-2001 Pantyhose House AVS: CyberAge - women in pantyhose; pix and clips
06-2001 World of Slaves AVS: CyberAge - obedient slaves in servitude to their mistresses
05-2001 Erotic Drawings AVS: CyberAge - fetish SM drawings
05-2001 Lesbian Foot Dom AVS: CyberAge - female slaves at mistresses feet
03-2001 Extreme Foot Fetish AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - Nets pictures; feet and sex
03-2001 Look No Hands AVS: CyberAgePlatinum - footjobs
02-2001 AVS: CyberAge - asian foot babes
02-2001 Fetish Maxx AVS: CyberAge - a fetish site with heels, boots, bondage, latex and corsets
02-2001 Piss 'n Feet AVS: CyberAge - fetish bizarre site with feet and peedom fetish
01-2001 Slave under Feet (The) AVS: CyberAge - a page with foot domination
05-2000 Footjobs Corner (the) AVS: CyberAge - photos and clips about footjobs
04-2000 Feet Palace (the) AVS: CyberAge - several foot fetish sections
05-1999 Black Barefoot Bare Babes AVS: AdultCheck - black babes nude; exhibition and feet
12-1998 Foot Sex Fun avs: adultcheck - some pics
11-1998 Lesbian Twin Foot Sex AVS: CyberAge - one page of pictures

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